Bears Gone By

See some of our previous bears.

10" Vanity

thumbnail_IMG_1337.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1338.jpg

This lady is designed around the vintage music box , which still works,with satin lining in the lid. Pale pink mohair bear is dressed in lace trimmed pink skirt and removable cape with mohair collar. Her vintage accessories include a velvet pin cushion, enameled cosmetic tin and lovely scalloped pink vintage tray. - $265

11" Bijou the Mouser


Orange kitty in the french style with wool beret and stripped shirt along with his mousse friend. - $265

11" Snowday

thumbnail_IMG_0698.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0699.jpg

Snowday bear is blue mohair with brown backing welcomes winter in his picket fence yard with pine and snow. Beret and scarf are trimmed in felt snowflakes. - $255

5" Pinky


Sweet snail for your indoor garden has white spots to coordinate with her white Apple Snail shell. German glass eyes. - $65

10" Peter Stuyvesant

thumbnail_IMG_1314.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1313.jpg

Blue mohair pig wears floral shirt with check bow , and old felt hat. Fully jointed with German glass eyes and felt nose. - $245

13" A Mothers Love

thumbnail_IMG_9306.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9307.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9309.jpg

I’ve always been intrigued with Mourning. Black silk vintage costume with bustled back, crucifix, lace trimmed purse Mother of Pearl pin, smelling salts and wonderful antique Funeral booklet. - $295

13" Yum Yum

IMG_0527.png 8330b9b16229bdaed7d903f0246f835aacd70387.jpg

Made of deep purple and orchid mohair, fully jointed with ombré nose and bow. - $220

9" Auntie Mame


This little pig heads to the market pink purse in hand. Black mohair pig is fully jointed with German glass eyes and felt nose. Soft pink velveteen coat has black cuffs and collar. Maroon wool hat has some pink flowers as does her vintage purse. - $220

13" Opal Deane

thumbnail_IMG_0593.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0594.jpg

Black mohair pig wears red and cream print vintage dress with sheer embroidered collar and cuffs, tiny bits of greenery and red buttons. - $255

13" Spring

thumbnail_IMG_1157.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1158.jpg

Lime green rabbit has wired ears and German glass eyes. Her bright stripped vintage dress is trimmed with green vining leaves and lavender hydrangea flowers. Choker green ribbon has vintage lavender bow. - $245

11" Treena

thumbnail_IMG_1149.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1150.jpg

Pink mohair pig wears this vintage sweater and hat so well. Accented with vintage homemade yellow wool flowers for a touch of whimsy. Polka dotted skirt and ears!. - $245

13" Abigail Aster

thumbnail_IMG_1139.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1140.jpg

After the doldrums of grey Ohio Winter I wanted to work with pops of color to add vibrancy to my creations. This vintage pumpkin coat works so well with the blue teddy and the coral nose. Vintage hat and purse accent the look!. - $255

8" Patrick

thumbnail_IMG_1137.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1138.jpg

Fully jointed honey mohair bear has a coordinating plaid mohair body in cream and mauve and green. He wears flannel jacket and antique Japanese store stock pipe and shamrock on his hat. Happy St Pats Day!! - $190

6" Kumquat

thumbnail_IMG_1135.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1136.jpg

Pink and cream kitty has green googly eyes yes and bow. Fully jointed! Meow!. - $195

6 1/2 "Best Wishes"

thumbnail_IMG_1123.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1124.jpg

Little girl in vintage dress appears in lidded box tricked out in red lining and pink details. Old trade card, pink silk flowers and antique tiny candy box complete the scene. - $215

12" Bunnykins and Kit

thumbnail_IMG_1126.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1127.jpg

Blue mohair rabbit has wired ears and wears 1940’s soft yellow patterned dress and floral trimmed hat. Kits little dress coordinates. - $245

9" Sweet Child of Mine

thumbnail_IMG_1128.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1129.jpg

Old mauve wicker cradle holds this sweet Child and her celluloid elephant. Made of cream mohair with lavender tips and accented with multiple shades of lavender perle cotton nose. Poofy hat is vintage and compliments the mohair. Mattress and pillow of old fabrics. - $195

24" Robinson Ransbottom

thumbnail_IMG_1118.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1119.jpg

Forest and Lime green panda has feathered vintage felt hat from Munich. Leather strap and suede Alpine change purse are his accessories. German glass eyes and deep green perle cotton nose. - $345

12" Pinky and Pooch


Vintage sailor top on brown and pink bear, coordinating beret and plush vintage pooch. - $245

Boy and Girl 5" vintage Japanese Rabbits


Adorable little pieces tucked into tiny leather shoes. They are in perfect condition. Mohair heads and some kind of hard body. Great costuming. - $75 for both

18" Monkey shines

thumbnail_IMG_0713.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0715.jpg

This little guy is ready to swing into your home. Made of mohair body and mohair face with German glass eyes and is fully jointed. He wears vintage ear muffs and flannel scarf with tiny boot detail over his gloves. - $305

6" Snowbaby Bobby

thumbnail_IMG_0820.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0819.jpg

The softest white wool mohair makes up this little boy. He is detailed in pale blue wool scarf and hat. Tiny dog friend fits in his wool slipper. - $185

13" Angel Joys

thumbnail_IMG_0642.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0643.jpg

Cream mohair bear wears lace trimmed shell pink dress with deep lace petticoat and has complimenting nose. Tinsel detailed crown and wooden angel complete the look. - $255

Sleigh ride

thumbnail_IMG_0813.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0814.jpg

Fabulous red wooden sleigh hosts 6” Snowman and his friendly wooden bear. Pine, holly and wooden birch sticks. - $85

6" Snowbaby Sasha

thumbnail_IMG_0822.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0821.jpg

Soft white wool make up this baby girl. Embroidered wool felt hat and scarf and tiny beaded baby. - $185

13" Ellie and Santa

thumbnail_IMG_0640.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0641.jpg

Grey elephant wears bold red velveteen coat with white fur collar and vintage Santa trimmed muffled. Black velveteen bow. - $255

18" Bexley

IMG_0541.png IMG_0542.png

Is a black and cream panda with coral nose and old black primitive wooden  sled. - $285

20" Douglas

thumbnail_IMG_0646.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0647.jpg

Deep cream mohair bear wears jaunty red corduroy cap, bold green sweater detailed with Bakelite button and red mittens. His fabulous nose says it all!. - $385

14" Rama Lama And Ding Dong

thumbnail_IMG_0225.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0226.jpg

Blue bear with pink check ruff and hat brim. Wool hat and hot pink Pom poms. Wooden beaded necklace. Ding Dong is made of a wooden detail and complimenting fabrics. - $265

15" Moonshine

thumbnail_IMG_0371.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0372.jpg

Moonbeam yellow and black teddy bear beams under the moons smile along with his jar of-moonshine. - $255

26" Charlotte Rose

thumbnail_IMG_0368.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0369.jpg

Charlotte Rose is made of creamy white mohair and is fully jointed with a wired armature in her arms. Embroidered black nose and dark green eyes. Fully dressed in an old petticoat under the vintage silk Rose dress with lace embellishments. Vintage lace and net picture hat is decked out in floral pinks and greens and wide net bow. Black Mary Jane’s have pink floral and ribbon trim. She carry’s a 14” antique China and a black leather purse with chain handle. - $555

8" Pettijohn and Percy


Little boy bear wears old child’s jacket and velveteen collar to coordinate with black felt hat detailed with old braid and applied wool details. Small mohair and straw spaniel has seen better days but is still loved. - $285

7" Viola and Friend

IMG_0543.png 2b3ed976fbf21eb570795e1993feb89c65eef05e.jpg

Reclines in her boudoir on old fainting couch in robe of lavender paisley with her fur doggie. - $230

11" Merry and Bright

2abe7fd7023b35cf9bf7643b3d8e42192a6cf5fa.jpg 867c662050ece1669c50f1df6c482d1ffdce9bcd.jpg

Stone and coral bear stands on holiday box in bright colors holding a festive bell. - $235

10" Lady Ravenwood

IMG_0536.png IMG_0538.png IMG_0537.png

Is a demure sprite in old brown lace and velveteen. Fall trim embellishes her dress and hat while old kitty plays at her feet. - $255

10" Pigachu and Ping


Black mohair pig is fully jointed and wears Fall colors along with his Vintage Japanese panda. - $210

The Monster under the Bed

IMG_0473.png IMG_0472.png IMG_0471.png

Painted old cane bed with green tufted mattress and stripped coverlet shelters this little pig and his monkey friend from the nightmare of the monster hiding under the bed 6” pig. - $225

19" Lord Fezziwig

IMG_0432.png f802e0fdfe3dea18fef17e5d0a2dc4726e54d26e.jpg

English flavored gent in vintage Caramel colored top coat with velveteen cape, ascot collar and Bow tie. He wears a splendid bottle green velveteen top hat trimmed with pheasant feathers and carries a wooden knobbed old umbrella. Fully jointed with wired ears. - $410

7" Carmen


Witchy woman in cream mohair , fully jointed and fully dressed arrives in beaded purse and pointy hat. Throw in some rhinestones and she dazzles. - $195

5" Bad Bunny


Top hat bunny lives in a tiny glass prison with rusted tin trim. He is fully jointed with antique pink glass eyes and holds a tiny brown skull. - $95

11" There’s a new Sheriff in Town


Foxy fellow in orange and cream mohair with kooky hat and badge. - $235

3" All the World is a stage


Tiny mohair and chenille stem kitty has German glass eyes and red black and white stage. - $95

5" Chain Gang

thumbnail_IMG_0375.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0376.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0377.jpg

5” fanged mohair bat wears corset influenced wings. Tarnished tin and wire cage is topped with removable oil can detail. - $165

9" Brown eyed girl


Tan and bronze mohair kitty with orange collar. - $125

14" Colonel Candy Corn

thumbnail_IMG_0218.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0219.jpg

Russet mohair bear wears stripped ruff and hat with vintage bark cloth brim and candy corn go with. - $255

12" Mr. Tambourine Man

thumbnail_IMG_0232.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0233.jpg

Stone and Coral bear has vintage siik turquoise accents on black hat and polka dot ruff. Vintage tambourine pin and prop. - $255

12" Ramona

thumbnail_IMG_0229.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0230.jpg

Pink and brown mohair panda wears vintage chocolate wool coat and tweed hat. Her mohair friend wears brown plaid coat. - $255

8" Rubba Dub Dub

thumbnail_IMG_0227.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0228.jpg

Turquoise with blue backing mohair pig is jointed arms and legs. He arrives in his mustard tub with his two vintage Mousy friends. Red hat and bow tie. - $175

12" When I am old, I shall wear purple…

thumbnail_IMG_0216.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0217.jpg

Lavender mohair bear wears vintage purple dress and hat with red accents and red vinyl Japanese purse. Check out the silly buttons. - $255

12" Clara

thumbnail_IMG_0220.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0221.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0222.jpg

Blue mohair bear with brown backing wears vintage styled WW1 nurse costume of blue stripped ticking and white Muslin apron and head cover. Vintage Red Cross pin and a China “sick” cup to administer medicines. - $265

10" Autumn

thumbnail_IMG_0374.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0373.jpg

10” primitive bear is the center of attention on the 13” tall wooden shelf which can sit on a table or be hung on the wall. Fabric pumpkin and tiny bit of fall art completes the display. Background is neutral so other groupings can work. - $195

6" Monster under the Bed

thumbnail_IMG_0366.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0367.jpg

Tan mohair pig shudders under the covers in his craftsman style wooden bed with his monkey. Brown tuffed mattress and pillow goes well with Barkcloth bedspread. The mystery monster is under the bed!. - $225

14" Scaredy Cat

thumbnail_IMG_0351.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0352.jpg

Black kitty with stripped legs, mohair body and heat , chenille arms and tail. Brown German Glass Googlie eyes gives a mischievous look. Dress of multiple Halloween fabrics. - $155

12" Pumpkin


A rascal of a brown alpaca raccoon with folk art pumpkin and giant acorn. Colorful hat and ruff. - $265

20" Tiberius


A bear with a bold statement in the form of his vintage spiked helmet and vintage noise maker. Bear is fully jointed and made of Gray and black mohair, and is embellished with old buttons and draped cording. - $335

18" Piper

thumbnail_IMG_0266.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0267.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0268.jpg

Honey gold mohair bear wear traditional sailor dress and navy hat with bold rosette. Fully jointed with embroidered nose and large German glass eyes. Fun primitive wooden bear. - $335

18" Bertha

thumbnail_IMG_0363.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0364.jpg

Sister to Charlotte and made to compliment each other. Made of creamy white mohair with black embroidered nose with dark green eyes. Fully jointed. Interesting pale green vintage silk dress with lace trimmed Bertha collar and pink silk ribbon corsage. Antique Victorian black hat has old pink silk floral detail. She carry’s a tiny Antique China dressed in green and pink. Black patent leather shoes have pink floral trim. - $355

9" Viola


From my new kitty series a lavender and purple mohair creation with ruffled lace collar. - $125

4 1/2" Red Robin

thumbnail_IMG_9037.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9038.jpg

Red coral and yellow mohair bird is jointed at head and wings. She stands on a vintage turquoise tin bathtub and shelters in white wire bird cage trimmed in coral pearls and flowers. - $165

12" Sherlock

thumbnail_IMG_0234.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0235.jpg

Cream and grey stripped kitty has wide green eyes and Sherlock Holmes cloak and deer stalker hat. - $265

6" Yuchi and Yo yo

thumbnail_IMG_9562.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9565.jpg

I have filled this little vintage wooden cupboard with joy. Yuichi wears a vintage dress and coat with another dress and matching hat for her to wear on another day. Vintage tin wear and mechanical Scotty dog with his own pillow reside in side. - $325

5" Fruit Bat Dandy

thumbnail_IMG_7893.jpg thumbnail_IMG_7870.jpg

Brown mohair bat has a steam punk flavor in metal cage , corseted wings and fangs. - $155

4" Orphan

thumbnail_IMG_8733.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8734.jpg

My tiniest owl yet with jointed head and sculpted beak in two shades of tan mohair. He has been caged in a crusty made wire and bark cage. - $85

5" Annamieke

thumbnail_IMG_9304.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9305.jpg

Tiny mohair rabbit rides in vintage wooden shoe. Mohair and wool body, antique pink eyes. Polka dot hat with ruffled rim. Wooden eggs and grass. - $165

12" Amiee and BunBun

thumbnail_IMG_9325.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9324.jpg

Wheat colored mohair bear has contrasting black check patches and hair bow on pale yellow dress as well as yellow Bakelite buttons and carry’s her crocheted bunny pal. - $245

11" Tuxedo

thumbnail_IMG_9400.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9399.jpg

Black and white Tuxedo bear is simple in design but effect in color punch. He wears diminutive black ruff with white polka dots and embroidered red perle cotton nose. - $230

11" Pretty in Pink

thumbnail_IMG_9350.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9349.jpg

Pink and white mohair bear wears coordinating gingham pinafore, hair bow and blouse. Antique Cupie doll. - $265

11" Brown Eyed Girl


One of my favorite vintage dresses with matching hat needed just the right bear to bedeck. Here she is. Made of brown mohair accented with magnificent 14mm brown Googlie eyes. A little lace , flower accent and tiny mirror completes the look!. - $245

6" Forget Me Not

thumbnail_IMG_8730.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8731.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8732.jpg

Tiny pink bear wears vintage dress and petticoat , tiny straw hat , thimble purse and flower trimmed box. - $175

10" Sugar Plum

thumbnail_IMG_9053.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9054.jpg

Grey Ellie wears lavender tulle dress with silver and Pearl accents. - $195

12" Camilla Rose

thumbnail_IMG_9049.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9050.jpg

Chocolate brown mohair bear is fully jointed and wears a lovely Vintage costume reminiscent of 1960’s movies. Full lace trimmed petticoat underneath. Straw hat and patten leather purse. - $265

9" Pinkerton


Pink and cream mohair kitty is jointed head only with Green German glass eyes and bright bow. - $125

9" Opal

thumbnail_IMG_9041.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9042.jpg

Pearly white mohair pig in simple pink sweater trimmed in lace and silk flowers. She wears a tiny pig necklace. - $225

6" Brownie


Brown and tweedy mohair dog with German glass Googly eyes,and red bow. - $165

12" Gladys and Gabby

thumbnail_IMG_9046.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9047.jpg

Tweedy rust mohair bear is garbed in vintage silk turquoise dress with pink gingham accents. Silly folk art doll. - $265

6" Cock on Box


Jointed head and wings, leather headpiece. Chicken wire and wooden box. - $125

24" Fancy Clancy

thumbnail_IMG_9313.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9312.jpg

I need color while creating , but who ever heard of a pink spotted giraffe? Pink mane and leather hooves. He wears an embroidered cape ,top hat, polka dotted ascot and velveteen bow tie. Antique umbrella for drama. - $295

4" Rutebega

thumbnail_IMG_9318.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9317.jpg

Tiny White rabbit is fully jointed with fabulous antique orange eyes. Costumed in greens and purple, he rides a wheeled carrot with wooden wheels and steering. - $165

11" Peas and Carrots

thumbnail_IMG_9322.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9321.jpg

This little spotted pig was designed around the wonderful rusty tin wheel barrow sprouting with potted plants and old seed packets. - $265

12" Sunday Best

thumbnail_IMG_9329.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9328.jpg

Vintage voile dress has minute lace edging at collar and cuffs. She wears a vintage lace trimmed slip and holds her antique German Bisque doll in a red silk dress to match her hair bow. - $295

8" Viola

thumbnail_IMG_9334.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9333.jpg

Hot pink felt cape and lavender mohair bear say spring with vintage grape headband and matching purse. She wears viola corsage. - $195

8" Pistachio


Green German glass eyes on brown and cream mohair. Soft green and brown mohair body. Green flannel plaid bow and pompom trim. - $125

13" Moonlight

thumbnail_IMG_9398.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9397.jpg

Sparse blue mohair Sloth is accented with tan mohair face and padded leather nose. Fimo claws finish arms and legs. I purchased the Painted leather Split leaf while in Costa Rica viewing Sloths. - $235

8" Daffy Diilly


Brown and tan mohair kitty wears crocheted daffodil with vintage button center. - $125

6" Forget Me Not!

thumbnail_IMG_8729.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8731.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8732.jpg

Soft pink mohair girl wears vintage cream dress with petticoat and lace overlay. Vintage hat and a tiny floral purse. She stands on a decorative box. - $195

10" Sugar Plum

thumbnail_IMG_8723.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8724.jpg

Sweet little elephant wears vintage lavender tulle from an old ball gown. Amethyst ribbons and rhinestone trim. - $195

10" Kodachrome

thumbnail_IMG_8787.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8788.jpg

Wheat mohair dog is fully jointed, German glass eyes and leather collar. - $275

7" Crystal and Snowflake

thumbnail_IMG_8748.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8790.jpg

White mohair bear wears vintage taffeta dress and ruffled petticoat with a Cathy Pendelton Snowman. Snowy wreath and tiny snow flake wand. - $175

11" Flight into Egypt

thumbnail_IMG_8740.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8741.jpg

Snow lady of fleece with vintage trim and old floral motifs. Stick wings and wonderful antique button with palm trees and oasis. - $55

15" Greta Von Snowden

thumbnail_IMG_8738.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8739.jpg

Made of fleece, this jolly snow lady wears lace collar, crocheted and lace trim, wings of twigs. - $70

9" Axel the Pig

thumbnail_IMG_8754.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8755.jpg

Oatmeal and cocoa mohair pig stands on a vintage tin with his name on it. Blue flannel plaid ruff and old tin star embellishment. Jointed head only. - $265

8" Freya of the North

thumbnail_IMG_8758.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8757.jpg

Magnificent owl made of two shades of dense grey and cream mohair and 22 mm German Glass eyes. She sits on a solid chunk of detailed wood. Woodland trim. - $175

6" Blue Bird on 10" wooden mushroom

thumbnail_IMG_8735.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8736.jpg

Indigo mohair with contrasting belly. German glass eyes , wire feet and wormy dinner. Felt beak. - $155

Tea Time Valentine


Vintage lemon yellow and white tea set is perfect and complete with lids and tiny tea strainer. Tea pot is 3 1/2” tall. Small accents of gold luster detail edges. Crochet Lace doily and rose leaves detail the white ironstone oval platter. Vintage 1800’s Valentine is multi dimensional with darling white dog as focal point. The back says Frances in a childish scrawl. . - $65

10" Tree Hugger


Rusty brown sloth with sculpted claws and paws. Padded nose, tiny sloth pendant. - $245

10" Luv Buds

thumbnail_IMG_8726.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8727.jpg

Red mohair elephant with vintage lace collar and magnificent red silk bow plus her Bunny’s By the Bay friend. - $215

18" Phyllis Jane and Jumper

thumbnail_IMG_8761.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8793.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8794.jpg

Pink mohair bear wears black and Gingham sailor dress and vintage hat. Old spectacles and vintage plush rabbit. - $345

10" Will you be Mine?

thumbnail_IMG_8775.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8776.jpg

Tan bear wears wool and Velveteen coat with peach felt hat. Velvet floral scarf displays 2 gold hearts with names and connecting chain. Wonderful old dimensional Valentine. - $245

10" Elle and Santa

thumbnail_IMG_8228.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8229.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8230.jpg

Dashing towards your home,
With Santa in the sleight, 
Red Elle rides with delight,
Joyful all the way!
Vintage red wooden sleigh contains Elle and Santa and holiday greens. - $255

13" Little Schroom

thumbnail_IMG_8219.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8220.jpg

Brown alpaca raccoon wears black mask and stripped tail. Fully jointed to scamper in for the winter. Forest greens and schrooms. - $255