Take a look at some the newest additions available.

13" Opal Deane

thumbnail_IMG_0593.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0594.jpg

Black mohair pig wears red and cream print vintage dress with sheer embroidered collar and cuffs, tiny bits of greenery and red buttons. - $255

9" Marcella


Navy mohair bear is detailed with red perle cotton nose and wears red plaid dress with soutache braid trimmed collar. Vintage doll still has her original tag. - $220

18" Monkey shines

thumbnail_IMG_0713.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0715.jpg

This little guy is ready to swing into your home. Made of mohair body and mohair face with German glass eyes and is fully jointed. He wears vintage ear muffs and flannel scarf with tiny boot detail over his gloves. - $305

9" Auntie Mame


This little pig heads to the market pink purse in hand. Black mohair pig is fully jointed with German glass eyes and felt nose. Soft pink velveteen coat has black cuffs and collar. Maroon wool hat has some pink flowers as does her vintage purse. - $220

Boy and Girl 5" vintage Japanese Rabbits


Adorable little pieces tucked into tiny leather shoes. They are in perfect condition. Mohair heads and some kind of hard body. Great costuming. - $75 for both

13" Yum Yum

IMG_0527.png 8330b9b16229bdaed7d903f0246f835aacd70387.jpg

Made of deep purple and orchid mohair, fully jointed with ombré nose and bow. - $220

11" Bijou the Mouser


Orange kitty in the french style with wool beret and stripped shirt along with his mousse friend. - $265

18" Bexley

IMG_0541.png IMG_0542.png

Is a black and cream panda with coral nose and old black primitive wooden  sled. - $285

13" A Mothers Love

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I’ve always been intrigued with Mourning. Black silk vintage costume with bustled back, crucifix, lace trimmed purse Mother of Pearl pin, smelling salts and wonderful antique Funeral booklet. - $295

12" Pinky and Pooch


Vintage sailor top on brown and pink bear, coordinating beret and plush vintage pooch. - $245