Take a look at some the newest additions available.

10" Salmon Fisher

thumbnail_IMG_1791.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1792.jpg

Brown tweed mohair pig is jaunty in his sailor blouse and stripped hat and collar. He clutches a vintage wooden boat. - $245

7" Tall Felicity


My favorite kitty pattern in white mohair with Green Googly eyes and pink accents. - $225

8“ Rosie and her Posies

thumbnail_IMG_1774.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1776.jpg

I was inspired by the wooden cart and the tiny clay pots of potted posies to coordinate a bear with it. Rosie is made from pink tipped cream mohair and compliments the vintage dress, apron and underskirt. Of course flowers adorn her wide brimmed hat. Included is a shopping basket of flowers. - $195

11" Polly put the kettle on and we’ll all have tea

thumbnail_IMG_1779.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1781.jpg

Brown mohair bear wears vintage red dotted dress with plaid vintage apron , head scarf and pieced hanky collar. Old tin kettle and vintage cook book complete her chores. - $250

14" Scout

thumbnail_IMG_1793.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1794.jpg

Olive and cream tweed mohair bear wears check neckerchief with travel pin and carry’s binoculars. Fully jointed with brown eyes and stitched nose. - $265

9" Roxie and the Red Cat

thumbnail_IMG_1783.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1784.jpg

Brown mohair bear wears vintage red plaid dress with old lace trimmed petticoat and collar. Red Cat is mohair and chenille stem. - $275

13" Jupiter and Juno

thumbnail_IMG_1383.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1384.jpg

Pink rabbit wears adorable vintage plaid overalls with rolled cuffs and funky pink velveteen hat. Turquoise scarf adds a pop of color. Her little grey bunny friend compliments her colors. - $245

13" Sherman and Mr. Shorty

thumbnail_IMG_1402.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1403.jpg

Blue mohair bear has brown backing and chocolate brown stitched nose. He wears red stripped jacket and polka dot collar with jaunty gold bow tie. He and his friend Mr Shorty tie together with his old circus bin. Fully jointed. - $265

10" Cosmo


Tan and cream Corgi has black rimmed expressive eyes. Green and purple collar with floral trim of Cosmos! Fully jointed with stitched nose. - $275

13" Party Animal

thumbnail_IMG_1404.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1405.jpg

Grey mohair with black speckles is woven on a pink backing. Fully jointed pig has curly tail, felt lined ears and nose and sports a pink check ruff with matching silly hat and party noise maker. - $255

13" Starsky


Baby blue mohair bear has bold antique red paw pads to compliment his plaid sailor collar detailed with red bias trim. Fully jointed with a bold stitched nose and wooden star. - $245

13" Miss Minnie

thumbnail_IMG_1412.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1413.jpg

White pig is fully jointed with felt ear lining and nose. She wears a jolly vintage red floral dress with bold lavender collar fixed with red button. Old straw hat and details as well as her penny purse. - $265

10" Beatrice and Bartholomew

thumbnail_IMG_1414.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1415.jpg

White little girl pig wears navy dress with white lace accents and blue buttons and bow. Her bear friend accompanies her everywhere. - $235

7" Bunnykins


This sweetie is from my own collection and is one of the first little animals I ever made. Faux fur and jointed , she fits inside this paper egg. - $95

13" Pink and Pudge

thumbnail_IMG_1408.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1407.jpg

Soft grey mohair bear has rose pink tummy, white lace collar and pink check bow. Her little friend Pudge is a wind up Japanese toy in grey with a pink bow. - $255

26" Abigail Apricot and Lucinda

thumbnail_IMG_1344.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1345.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1349.jpg

Apricot mohair is complimented with a grey vintage dress with lace sleeves, bolero jacket and velvet bows down the bodice. Fully jointed she has large black German glass eyes and stitched nose. Her arms and hands are wired to pose. Fabulous old hat is detailed with silk flowers and old ribbon. Corsages of flowers decorate lapel, wrist and her beaded purse. Lucinda her antique China has cloth body , undergarments of chemise and drawers and dress of white with brown print as found. - $455

12" Coquette


Pink mohair sets off the vintage brown ensemble of hat and matching coat. Wide lace collar and vintage floral trim accent hat ,collar and vintage ribbon tied candy box. The tiny bird on her hat mimics those on the candy box. - $260

13" Rock and Wroll

thumbnail_IMG_1315.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1317.jpg

Black and white panda wears red check neckerchief and holds his mohair chicken. - $245

11" Peg and Pug

thumbnail_IMG_1143.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1144.jpg

Tan pig is fully jointed with German glass eyes and felt nose. She wears a vintage felt top and dark red floral skirt and matching bow, as well as her little kitty friend. - $245

11" Marmalade

thumbnail_IMG_1156.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1155.jpg

Bright orange Marmalade the sloth is fully jointed with leather nose and German glass eyes and sculpted claws. His arms are wired to bend and pose. I’m not sure why I needed to make Marmalade when I found this old toaster with wooden “toast” but here he is! - $245

10" Claire and Midge

thumbnail_IMG_1151.jpg thumbnail_IMG_1152.jpg

Just in time for Valentine’s Day is a red elephant wearing old check skirt and vintage eyelet blouse. Black velveteen hat and tiny felt mouse. - $245

9" Marcella


Navy mohair bear is detailed with red perle cotton nose and wears red plaid dress with soutache braid trimmed collar. Vintage doll still has her original tag. - $220