Bears Gone By

See some of our previous bears.

14" Gibby and Scout

Gibby and Scout.JPG

Deep bronze mohair bear with old oil cloth paw pads wears vintage sailor top and hat and holds his furry pup. - $245

10" Hattie


Deep honey mohair bear cub wears vintage red dress with Rick rack trim and heart embellishment with polka dot bow in her hair. - $220

11" Henry


Tan and oatmeal mohair bear has freckled face and plaid collar with old celluloid button. - $220

10" Bean Oller

Bean Oller.JPG

Is a bear cub in a combination of brown and oatmeal mohairs and stripped alpaca. Brown glass eyes. - $220

8" Tip Top

Tip Top.JPG

Taupe mohair teddy bear cub has contrasting muzzle and big nose. He wears top hat and lime green bow tie. - $195

10" Skipper and Guppy

Skipper and Guppy.JPG

Alphonso red mohair bear cub wears embroidery embellished vintage shirt and hat. His sad mechanical dog is along for the ride. - $225

6" Horton hears a Shrew


Is an elephant shrew indigenous to Africa. Mohair with leather ears and tail. - $225

10" Marigold


Deep curly gold mohair bear cub has rich floral collar. - $220

18" Selwyn the Sloth


He has a sweet face with leather nose ,wired arms and legs have claws. - $255

9" Heidi


As a lover and breeder of Dachshunds, this is the closest I've come, in mohair , to their coat.Fully jointed with a hope you've got a treat look! - $255

13" Gage


Big furry hound dog with "take me home" eyes. - $325

9" Hebrides


Sweet hedgehog in vintage flannel jacket. - $225

13" Milo


Peach mohair open mouthed pig with blue check ruff and hat. - $255

9" Honey Pot

Honey Pot.JPG

Is a honey and gold bear in a salt glaze honey bear pot with wooden honey dipper( not pictured). - $220

11" Primrose


Grey mohair pig wears vintage white cotton slip and headband with coral pink floral trim. - $225

16" Hobart and BoBo

Hobart and Bobo.JPG

Red mohair elephant with grey felt paw pads wears black check ruff and hat. BoBo is an old Ellie from across the pond. - $295

12" Cleo


Tweedy brown mohair bear cub wears fabulous vintage cream wool coat with coral velveteen collar and lace embellishment. Wired ribbon hair bow. Leather purse. - $250

11" Oppie


The punk possum with studded leather collar. - $225

12" Commodore Balfour

Commodore Balfour.JPG

Grey Ellie in vintage red jacket with old gold metallic trim and standing collar and bow tie. His top hat is rigged out with rosette and Ostrich feathers and he carries a regal baton. - $235

12" Lady Elsbeth

Lady Elsbeth.JPG

Grey mohair Ellie wears a rose colored vintage dress and green tweed coat. Her stylish silk hat pulls the ensemble together. Beaded purse. - $235



10" honey squirrel is made of several lengths of dark honey mohair. One for his body and the other for his bushy tail. He comes in his own acorn basket and wears a velvet collar to keep the cold away. - $225

10" Peanut


Is a cream elephant atop a vintage peanut tin. He’s adorned with ruff and hat. - $255

Olivia 14"


This brown eyed girl has a brown stitched nose and is detailed with old sweater and brown taffeta bows. she wears old shoes and sits in a wicker carriage. Pellet filled to be hug able. - $275

10" Tall Nanook


This silly sweet face polar bear cub wears embroidered halter with button trim and dopey tasseled knit hat. - $235

9" Wilbur


Is a black and cream spotted pig on old slatted basket. - $265

6" Hannah Rose

Hannah rose.JPG

Is a little fat hedgehog baby in vintage green buggy. - $220

10" Merry


Soft pink alpaca rabbit wears vintage pink patterned dress and flowers in her hair. - $220

11" Pom


Grey and pink tipped cream mohair works well together with the added accent of velvet hat and pom pom trim. - $220

11" Humphrey


Turquoise mohair with dark backing teddy bear, has black nose over- stitched with turquoise perle cotton. This little cub wears a black patterned knit vest and bow tie. - $220

13" Petulant & 11" Primrose

Petulant and Primrose.JPG

Petulant, grey mohair pig wears winter white vintage jacket and headband with pink embroidery and floral trim. Primrose, Grey mohair pig wears vintage white slip and headband with floral trim. - $245 & $225

7" Rufus


Brown mohair dog has contrasting tummy and wears a red collar with tag. - $195

5 1/2" Pink and Blue Bird of Happiness

Pink and Bluebird of Happiness.JPG

- $55 each

19" Samuel Coleridge

Samuel Coleridge.JPG

Is dark red brown mohair and wears a vintage French sailors cap and sailor collar. - $325

20" Norbert and Edgar

Norbert and Edgar.JPG

Cream and turquoise mohair panda wears charcoal sweater and vintage beret with fringed felt scarf. Needle-felted mousey wears hand made sweater. - $315

9" Tin Tin


Is a black and cream pig with jointed head on old tin can. - $265

7" Cedric the Chicken


Multiple colored mohair chicken has jointed wings and neck and ultra suede wattle and beak. His nest is in an old flour sieve. - $125

22" Wren and Wrinkle

Wren and wrinkle.JPG

White mohair rabbit wears vintage blue checked romper with hat with red trim. He clutches an old folk art rabbit. - $425

12" Valerian


Black mohair bear wears vintage voile dress with corsage of lace and heart. Black velveteen hair bow. - $245

18" Love Letters

Love Letters.JPG

Rose and pink mohair panda wears a lace trimmed vintage voile dress and beaded crown. She clutches a beribboned package of old letters from her beau. - $355

10" Cubby


Red mohair makes this bear cub glow. - $220

12" Betsy Ross Rabbit

Betsey Ross Rabbit.JPG

Is a fabric body rabbit with mohair head and paws in vintage fabric dress . Miss Betsy is presented in a deep red stocking I found in Croatia and has a Patriotic theme with flags and stars. - $155

4" Hassenpfeffer


Jointed tan mohair rabbit stands on a lovely antique piece of German pottery made into a pincushion with velveteen and old trim. - $125

17" The Colonel

The Colonel.JPG

Deep red mohair bear with vintage Grand Puba hat, and military sashing and epaulet. - $355

10" Cupid


Red mohair bear cub wears pale turquoise drapery and felt detailed wings. He holds a metal arrow to bring you love. - $220

4" Miss Priss


Tiny fully jointed Mouse with posable arms stands on velveteen covered hat box with floral trimmed hat. - $165

10" All Bundled up

All Bundled Up.JPG

Honey mohair bear wears blue felt coat, soft red hat , wool muffler and old mittens. - $220

18" Guess who’s coming to Dinner", Turkey

Guess whos Coming to Dinner.JPG

Oh, the irony! This jointed black and cream mohair bird comes complete with cook book in a vintage picnic basket. - $155

12" Cluck in a Bucket

Cluck in a Bucket.JPG

Plump 12” honey mohair chicken shivers through winter with a sweater and vintage beaded necklace. Jointed neck and wings.Old peck basket is filled with her excelsior nest. - $325

15" Willodeane


Ivory string mohair bear wears vintage black check coat with celluloid buttons and silly hat. - $245

6" Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum.JPG

Is a petite size bear made of stone mohair and resides in an antique sugar bowl with old Christmas card and greenery. - $225

Kat and Kibble

Kat and Kibble.JPG

8" cat and 5" mouse of rust mohair go round and round on a vintage jar. - $285

12" Lydia


Vintage red coat and hat with feather trim and white slip combination on a milk chocolate mohair bear. - $235

10" Travelers


Soft yellow bear wears vintage red felt coat and bold plaid hat sits on her old plaid suitcase with her traveling friend. - $230

8" Pack Rat

Pack Rat.JPG

Is a quirky fellow in grey and cream mohair with beady little eyes and pockets sewn into his fur for his collection of keys. He trundles along with his wooden wheel barrow of oddities. - $225

16" Mimi Robillard

Mimi Robillard.JPG

Black mohair elephant wears a vintage red wool dress with black soutache embroidery and perky lace covered hat with velveteen rose. Cream lace ruff adds contrast along with an old pocket watch necklace. - $355

Witch Hazel 14"

Witch Hazel.JPG

Dense bronze mohair bear wears multi layered cape and black hat with vintage metal juju holder for her chicken claw. - $255

18" Ebenezer


Snowman head on old bucket with real deal top hat. Glasses and button trim. - $95

15" Ivory Angel

Ivory Angel.JPG

Honey mohair bear in vintage white work dress with lacy under-slip has beautiful antique moire ribbon made into wings. - 295

18" Ping

Ping the Panda.JPG

The panda in soot grey and cream dense mohair with red wool pads and nose detail. - $325

7" Pitty Pat Poodle

Pitty Pat Poodle.JPG

Pattys doggie friend in soft grey with darker grey tips with pink ribbon trim. - $195

Victoria 14"


Sister to Olivia has brown eyes and nose and is simply done with brown taffeta bows and old shoes. Pellet filled also. - $255

15" Peppermint Patty

Peppermint Patty.JPG

Is a black and pink panda in old pink check dress with embroidered details and wooden kitty. - $265

Philmont and Tantrum

Philmont, Tantrum.JPG

8" spotted pigs dressed for holiday fun in tiny ruff and pompomed hats. - $195

Isabella and Luna

Izabella and Luna.JPG

Are mother and child goats at 5" and 6"
Wooden stable can be sold separately or be included with Isabella. - $215 and $235

12" Heartfelt


Is a silly side glancing panda in traditional black and cream mohair ,sports a red, black and cream bow and worn red wooden heart. - $245

P.B. And Jelly

PB and jelly.JPG

10" tall elephant stands on 6" vintage tin wears red saddle and ruff with pointy hat . Riding on her back is a tiny crocheted rabbit made by a Japanese artist. - $325

19" Bugle Boy

Bugle Boy.JPG

Is made of curly dense milk chocolate mohair and sports a vintage Rough Rider hat, red velvet sashing with important medal and an advertisement to buy war bonds in his hat band. Old Tin bugle completes him! - $355



13" bear of brown and spice mohair wears stocking hat and vintage brown coat with bright bakelite button. - $230


Wilbraham.JPG side.JPG

9" tall pig is made of flesh and black mohair with spotted details and wears old leather collar and metal tag standing on an old peck basket. - $265

Laird Cairnstone 15"

Laird Cairnstone.JPG

Dense rust mohair bear with old oil cloth paw pads, wears black velveteen bonnet with grey and black wool plaid and antique button. - $275

11" Eloise


Pale yellow mohair bear wears old white work dress and lacy headband. - $235



Prototype polar bear with wool knot scarf. - $245

13" Irma


Red mohair bear in old grey coat and hat. - $225

9" Ethel


Grey elephant in polka dot dress and floral trim. - $220

13" Ichabod The Pig


In orange mohair wears a colonial waistcoat in vintage velveteen. - $265

5" Cranberry Cluck

Cranberry Cluck.JPG

Jointed chicken in shades of red mohairsits in old flour sifter. - $125

15" Laurie Ann

Laurie Ann.JPG

Milk chocolate mohair bear wears vintage petticoat, voile dress , tweed cape , black hat and leather purse. - $265

15" Angel of Peace

Angel of Peace.JPG

Monochromatic from her glittery base to her ivory mohair and vintage tulle dress with pearl accents and antique tassels and button detail. - $255

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Baa Baa Black Sheep.JPG

String mohair with black ultra suede legs and face and holiday trim of a ruff. - $235

7" Pitty Pals

Pity pals.JPG

Forlorn looking soft grey and cream pandas. - $215

14" Peppermint Patty Panda

Peppermint Patty Panda.JPG

Feathery long pink and black mohair panda with linen and lace ruff. - $265

15" Heartfelt the witch

Heartfelt Witch.JPG

Honey mohair bear wears purple floral hat and cape over black skirt and royal purple bodice. Necklace of heart charms to ward off evil and horse hair broom to chase away bad dreams accompany her. - $285

11" Rub a Dub Dub, 3 Men and a tub

Rub a Dud dud.JPG

Wheat color mohair bear wears old sailor shirt with navy beret and is accompanied by 2 old bears in a celluloid tub. - $235

12" tall x 18" long Jumbo and Peanut

Jumbo and Peanut.JPG

Tan with dark backing mohair mohair elephant rides on an antique set of red wheels. He has an open mouth and wears a red/ cream wool feather stitched blanket. His 4" tiny mouse friend rides along. - $355

15" Laurie Ann, 12" Lydia, 7" Libby

Laurie Ann, Lydia, Libby.JPG

Laurie Ann, Brown mohair girl in soft blue voile vintage dress with lace trim and vintage slip, black velvet ribbon and old tin toy watch. Lydia, brown mohair younger sister in soft yellow vintage dotted Swiss dress with lace edged slip and black velvet ribbon trim. Libby, their best friend a matching dog. - $265, $235, $195

5" Buttermilk


Jointed chicken in rusty tin measuring cup with vintage label. - $115

14" Asher


Delicious long feathery mohair in peach and browns with bow and bronze button. - $265

10" Ian and Rollo

Ian and Rollo.JPG

Brown mohair bear in old plaid flannel overalls with a bonnet , silly pin and his dog friend. - $220

13" Marisol


Grey mohair Ellie in vintage red dress with childs hanky scarf and old black fur kitty. - $235

9 1/2" Little Miss Sister

Little Miss Sister.JPG

Baby Ellie to Marisol in grey mohair and old check dress with oversized glasses, red hair bow and bear friend. - $225

20" Heatherdown


Soft tipped grey rabbit has wired ears and taffeta polka dot ruff over black lacy Victorian ruff and large bow. - $355

PB and J

PB and J.JPG

Pale yellow mohair elephant stands atop an old peanut butter tin and wears multiple ruffs in red and yellow and matching hat, while his friend rides atop. 10" tall elephant on 6" tall tin. - $265

Hog in a Log

Hog in a Log.JPG

5" tiny speckled pig in wooden log. - $145

7" Paige Ann

Paige ann.JPG

Little piggy in hat and coat and vintage dog. - $230



12" bear in soft shades of peach and apricot is complimented with vintage black velvet jacket and old hat. - $255

12" Petunia, 10" Pearl

Petunia and Pearl.JPG

Petunia, a darling pig in a hand made pink check dress from the 1920s. Big hair bow bow makes her happy. Petunia, 10" of piggy cuteness in this little little girl with perky hat and well used dress. - $235, $225

12" Zee Burt

Zee Burt.JPG

Sky blue and lemon yellow tissavels make up this chubby child bear with checked ruff and spotted button. - $225

5" Libby


Plum and black tipped mohair chicken is jointed and resides in an old can with vintage seed packet. - $115

5" Chicken Scratch

Chicken Scratch.JPG

Mohair chicken with jointed wings and head in old sewing box with trim. - $115

12" Bobbie


Is made of honey mohair and wears a vintage blue check romper and crocheted hat. - $235