Bears Gone By

See some of our previous bears.

PB and J

PB and J.JPG

Pale yellow mohair elephant stands atop an old peanut butter tin and wears multiple ruffs in red and yellow and matching hat, while his friend rides atop. 10" tall elephant on 6" tall tin. - $265

Hog in a Log

Hog in a Log.JPG

5" tiny speckled pig in wooden log. - $145

7" Paige Ann

Paige ann.JPG

Little piggy in hat and coat and vintage dog. - $230



12" bear in soft shades of peach and apricot is complimented with vintage black velvet jacket and old hat. - $255

12" Petunia, 10" Pearl

Petunia and Pearl.JPG

Petunia, a darling pig in a hand made pink check dress from the 1920s. Big hair bow bow makes her happy. Petunia, 10" of piggy cuteness in this little little girl with perky hat and well used dress. - $235, $225

12" Zee Burt

Zee Burt.JPG

Sky blue and lemon yellow tissavels make up this chubby child bear with checked ruff and spotted button. - $225

5" Libby


Plum and black tipped mohair chicken is jointed and resides in an old can with vintage seed packet. - $115

5" Chicken Scratch

Chicken Scratch.JPG

Mohair chicken with jointed wings and head in old sewing box with trim. - $115

12" Bobbie


Is made of honey mohair and wears a vintage blue check romper and crocheted hat. - $235

5" Night Wing

Bat Wing.JPG Bat Tower.JPG

Is a orange matted mohair bat over a dark brown backing with brown net wings made from an old glove. He hangs from a chain suspended in his glass tower with metal door details and resident spider. - $225

12" Countess Le Stat

Countess Le Stat.JPG

Is honey mohair and wears a lined cape in golds and black and orange, black hat is trimmed in netting and she has a wooden animal effigy. - $235

5" Peach Plum

Peach Plum.JPG

Her hedgehog sister arrives in vintage green and cream buggy and she wears a green velveteen jacket and hair bow. - $225

9" Cherry Plum

Cherry Plum.JPG

The hedgehog wears a vintage floral dress and sweater with red hat. - $225

24" Jacob


Grey rabbit with big brown eyes is dressed in vintage velveteen pant, jacket and blouse with big lace collar his mother made him wear. Scotch bonnet and soft silk bow at neck . - $425

11" Eggzackly


Soft pink alpaca bunny wears old floral jacket and felt hat and carries wicker basket with speckled eggs. - $235

7" Who's the Leader of the Band

Whos the Leader of the Band.JPG

This little piggy commands the field in red shorts, patterned jacket and drum major hat. - $230

9" George


My new English bull dog puppy in cream and caramel mohair is detailed with brown class eyes and paint to bring out his adorable personality. - $265

12" Smokey Joe

Smokey Joe.JPG

Grey and cream stripped cat with luminous green eyes. - $265

16" Colonel Pritchard and Pal

Colonel Pritchard and Pal.JPG

String mohair elephant wears vintage fine wool jacket with fabulous hat and ruff collar. His poppet pal wears ruff also. - $335

Lulu Belle and Ivy

Lulu Belle and Ivy.JPG

12" Honey mohair on my new chunky body child bear in deep red vintage bonnet and dress with appliquéd dog matching her own furry friend. - $255

25" Milton


Feathery dense tissavels in black and white bring this lovable dopey dog to life. Fully jointed and house trained, with 22mm glass eyes and sculpted nose. Black collar has a nice detail. - $435

15" Neptune


Stylized black cat in two mohair lengths on orange vintage tin. - $215

12" Autumn


Cubby child bear in brown and orange mohair with old green corduroy beret and button . - $235

7" Changeling


Pale tan mohair Ellie stands atop a vintage peanut butter tin with an old coin holder and mitten clips. - $215



2" tall stone and royal blue mohair bird , with tiny wire feet and glass eyes. Small wooden bird house is his home. - $95

8" Market Pig

Market Pig.JPG

Stands on 5" old Rendered Lard tin. Spotted Pig is black and peach mohair. Leather collar with shoe button trim. - $265

11" Bunny Momma

Bunny Momma.JPG

Tweedy pink and black mohair bunny with pale pink belly wears a hooded cape of vintage soft pink fabric and carries a small wicker basket with vintage pink mache rabbit. - $235

Bat in the Belfry

Bat in the Belfry.JPG Bat.JPG

This 6" mohair bat with ultra suede wings resides in his own clock tower. - $225

7" Annameika


A tiny Dutch girl In a wheeled wooden shoe. - $230



Red, yellow and green 5" chicken nests in this old flour sifter. - $115



Ivory curly mohair, this chunky child bear wears a vintage green dress with a pop of orange corsage. - $250

Lulu and Muffin


22" grey tipped rabbit in the softest of Tissavels wears old lace slip and patterned sweater. She carries her little grey dog. - $455

Wolf Man

Wolf Man.JPG

20" pumpkin on vintage wooden stand has a resident spider made of spotted Tissaval and chenille stems. - $125


Princess.JPG Princess too.JPG

This sweetie is made of thick dense Tissaval so soft she needs to be petted. She is filled with pellets and weighed like a real kitty . Rose velveteen bow and pillow inside her basket. Vintage kitty basket is her home. - $285 (w/ Basket), $255 w/o



Is a 9" tall hippo with toothy grin and vintage pink costume of taffeta and net with complimenting Floral trim. - $245

14" Dolly Bear

Dollie Bear.JPG

Mohair head and arms mounted to a carton doll body with working pull cord squeaker . Dressed in vintage dress, drawers and hat with compo legs. For that doll /bear collector. - $165

7" Flora Dora's

Flora Doras.JPG

Were just for fun, springy bears. Tiny button accents their belly's. - $215

5" Spring Blue Bird (left), 5" Nemo (right)

Spring Blue Bird, Nemo.JPG

Spring Blue Bird, sky blue mohair and leather beak wears lace collar, button detail and straw hat. Nemo, sky blue mohair and leather beak wears Nautical beret and jaunty red collar. - $95

9" Miss Beatrice

Miss Beatrice.JPG

Light honey mohair bear in cranberry velvet old coat. Lace collar and sash with ribbon detail. - $235

Timmy Blue

Timmy Blue.JPG

6" sweet teddy made of soft turquoise viscous with old plaid buttons and cross stitch details on paws and feet. - $145

8" Street Rat

Street Rat.JPG

Grey and cream rat rides down the hard road on his dinged up skate. Pierced with studs and hoops, he wears leather helmet, denim vest and studded dog collar. - $235


Talullah.JPG head shot.JPG

25" tall bear made of taupe mohair is dressed in vintage Loden green coat and velveteen hat. Fully jointed with wired armature in her hands and arms . She carries a leather purse and old bisque doll. - $525

8" Buttonwood


Burnt orange tipped mohair with black check ruff and brass bell. - $215

18" Morning Glory and Pip

Morning Glory and pip.JPG

Black mohair elephant wears vintage pink smocked dress and hat with old velveteen morning glory and 1930's doll. - $325

11" Spring Anne

Spring anne.JPG

Butter yellow mohair teddy bear and wears pale pink dress and bonnet trimmed in old lace and ribbon trim. - $255

11" Sprout


Pale green tipped mohair bunny wears a pale yellow silk vest with lime trim and carries a bright orange carrot. - $235

Ta Da!

Ta Da!.JPG

16" elephant stands on 9" tall vintage can in chippy red and green paint. The stop light colors are accented with the warm honey gold mohair. She balances on her front two legs while back legs and head rotate to help her balance the ball on her foot. - $265

7" Stutz Bear Cat

Stutz Bear cat.JPG

1920s details in his wooden shoe car. - $230

13" Penny the Pig


Stone mohair piggie with bifurcated feet wears a wonderful old patterned dress and straw hat. - $255

Pocatella and Pal

Pocatella and Friend.JPG

Burnt orange bear wears stripped lavender collar and hat with pom pom trim. She rides in an old wooden circus wagon with vintage German Lion. - $215

9" Polly


Lavender bear in pink stripped jacket and ruffled collar. - $210

21" Baxter


Black and cream English sheep dog with happy grin and red collar. Detailed paw pads. - $425

12" Rosa Maude, 15" Lark

Lark Rosa Maude.JPG

Lark, Is a chocolate brown center seam bear , who's color compliments her old pale blue organdy dress over a lace trimmed petticoat. Vintage embossed purse,lace details and velveteen sash. Rosa Maude, the sister bear to Lark in vintage soft pink, lace trimmed combination with velveteen sash. She carries a ribbon trimmed leather purse. - $245



What hump? 8" tall with Medieval display case. - $255

5" Tall Spring Chicks

Spring Chick.JPG

Vibrant yellow gold mohair with orange beaks and tiny feet. - $65

12" Mrs. Penroy

Mrs. Penroy.JPG

Tan mohair bear with old check coat and vintage velveteen hat holds her tiny panda in her purse. - $255

12" Faith Ann

Faith Ann.JPG

Tan mohair teddy with soft pale pink cotton dress with lace trim and floral trimmed lace hat. - $255



Sweet 7" puppy in pink tipped and cream mohair. - $195



10" tall b-i colored pig on antique Lard Tin. - $265

Anastasia 13"


Regal bear made of milk chocolate mohair wears vintage gold velveteen coat with detailed collar and cuffs and Celluloid button. Vintage Fur hat is trimmed with old button and feather detail while she carries a leather souvenir purse with dachshund detail. - $265

22" Lovey

DSCN0105.JPG Lovey.JPG

White rabbit with deep eyes wears old red and white stripped dress with voile hem and collar. Charcoal grey sash with crochet rose trim and deep grey vintage heart shaped candy box. - $425



Complete with leathery shell, this Armadillo is quite unique. - $225

11" Addie Ann

Addie Ann.JPG

A new innocent face for me with chubby arms and legs. She is dressed in a sweet blue vintage felt coat with blue velveteen hat and old purse. - $255

6" Jake the Rake

Jake the Rake.JPG

Tan hound with mohair collar. - $165



11" tan mohair pig wears a brown linen jacket with jaunty bow tie and patterned hat. - $235

11" Lovey and Lucky


Butter yellow mohair bear wears cranberry red patterned dress and matching hat with felt dog embroidered on skirt. Lucky is the vintage black and cream doggie friend. - $255

29" Beau


Red bear with bold black claws in vintage sailor top and French navy beret, isn't too fierce cradling his vintage wooden elephant toy. - $475

9" Rupbert


Black and stone panda with old metal button and red bow. - $215

Pork Chop

Pork Chop.JPG

9" tall pig on 7" tall old tin. Tin is chippy colors of black, red and soft green, while pig is black and stone with ruff of red and polka dots. - $265



Dense wavy mohair bear with plaid of dark blues and greens with felt bonnet and detailed bagpipes. - $245



I had never seen a white donkey until a drive through Pennsylvania and knew I had to make one.8" tall  with nice details of jaw and rounded belly. See his brother Apache. - $235



13" of tan mohair elephant is adorable in vintage stripped dress and old polka dot apron. She holds old beaters ready to whip up cookies in the kitchen. - $235

Spider Woman

Spider Woman.JPG

9" lavender bear wears hat and cape. - $220

10" Scaramouch


Soft ivory colored mohair teddy bear in old red stocking with hat and ruff. - $255

Call Me Al

Call Me Al.JPG

A tribute to my up coming Florida shows in green mohair and plush this alligator features a vintage collar and red buttons. 14" - $245

8" Oh, I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas!

I want a Hippopotomus for Christmas.JPG

This toothy hippo stands on an old tin drum. - $245

12" Holiday Ride

Holiday Ride.JPG

Pig and smaller Gnome looking for mischief. In 3 wheeled vehicle with tin drum. - $275

Miss FiFi

Miss FiFi.JPG

8" tall purrfect kitties in vintage viscose with googly eyes. - $220

The Pig and the Whistle

DSThe Pig and the WhistleCN9882.JPG

Stripped shirt and silly hat. Old whistle 8" - $215

Pixel Panda


14" of black and white with soft black tips mohair panda with my new face and beguiling eyes. - $255

8" Cinder


This kitty curls in a typical kitty fashion. She is detailed with white bib and chin and tip of tail against deep grey fur. - $225

To Market,To Market

To Market To Market.JPG

Spotted mohair piggie with silly hat and old red wooden car . Jointed arms and legs, 6" - $215

This Little Piggie Went To the Market

This Little Piggie went to the Market.JPG

Kinda cruel as this spotted mohair piggie comes encased in an old sausage wrapper. Jointed arms and legs, 6" - $195

10" Schnickel Fritz

Schnickel Fritz.JPG

White teddy bear in old cranberry stocking with over sized pompom trim . He wears a stocking hat and double ruff of old fabrics - $255

Farm to Table

Farm to Table.JPG

5" chicken is fully jointed and resides in old tool tray with vintage seed packet and eggs. - $215

9" Happy Times

Happy Times.JPG

Joyful red mohair bear with her old giraffe and Circus Wagon. - $255

13" King Of The Forest

King Of the Forest.JPG

I've never made a lion before. With his impressive collar! - $255

12" Mr. Barlow

Mr. Barlow.JPG

The Badger in Waist coat and jacket. - $265

9" Fiona


Honey mohair bear in her warm grey winter coat with matching hat and old Japanese holiday trim. - $225

9"Jamison and Ted


This bear is in wool jacket, velveteen pants and carries his very old mohair bear. - $245

9" Winter and Willa James

Winter and Willa James.JPG

Stone mohair teddy bear rides with her vintage puppy Winter in sleight. - $265

10" Jewel


Who ever heard of a red pig? Me! To go with the old Lard Tin. - $265



9" grey donkey with red blanket and saddle. - $235

10" Ting Tang

Ting Tang.JPG

Black and white panda with sweet baby face. - $230



This grey mohair elephant stands atop a vintage Presidential tin complete with periwig of wool with curl detail. Navy blanket with stars and tasseled edging is defined with red braid. - $265

Butch the Pug


9" tall dark grey tweed mohair with black ears and eye details and studded leather collar. - $245

11" Tea Time Ellie

Tea Time.JPG

Vintage patterned mohair ellie stands on old tea tin with ruff and hat of vintage fabrics. - $265

9" Baby Its Cold Outside

Baby Its Cold Outside.JPG

Pink alpaca teddy bear in her warm winter scarf and trim. - $220

4" Snowdrop

Snow Drop.JPG

Tiny cream mouse in vintage red ladle . - $165

22" Philmont and 16" Phineas

Philmont and Phineas.JPG

Patterned giraffes in red wool hats and ruffs. - $325 and $255