Bears Gone By

See some of our previous bears.

Enola and Ellie

Enola and Ellie.JPG

Riding along in their ole red wagon, black bear with vintage dress and her travel companion Ellie. - $245

Cleo and Clover

Cleo and Clover.JPG

Adorable teddy bear in Kelly green felt coat and hat with floral details and ears peaking out. Clover is a knitted sheep and Cleo's companion. 11" of cute. - $225



The pink ellie is a bright and happy pachyderm. - $215

CoCo Kitty

CoCo Kitty.JPG

10" wide and meant to be petted . Made of the plushest Tissival with big glass eyes. - $245



9" of darling bear with polka dot ruff and old orange buttons. A nice hand full. - $215


Hasenpfeffer and Dumpling.JPG

22" of bright gold rabbit in vintage gold and hot pink costume with hat and his squeaky panda friend Dumplin. - $425



Tri colored Bulldog with protruding teeth and sculpted nose, wouldn't hurt a flea. House broken with all his shots. - $375



14" performing Elephant balances on two legs over old peanut tin. Gold saddle and hat. - $265

In your Easter Bonnet

DSCN949In your Easter Bonnet.JPG

4" fully jointed and pose-able tiny mouse with her special hat and felt covered hat box. - $165



A delicate flower of a hippo in short grey mohair with net tutu and collar.12" long x 7" tall. - $245



The big lug is a hairy Old English sheep dog in two colored furs, 24mm melt your heart eyes and pet carrier. Each pad has appliqued pads. - $375

The Dutchess Louise de la Valliere

Dutchess Louise.JPG head shot.JPG

My interpretation of a grand dame, a mistress of King Louis, in period costuming of vintage fabrics and lace petticoats over a vintage transfer ware pottery. Complete to her beauty mark and hair style with jewels and floral trim. 22" tall. - $325

Giddy Up

Giddy Up!.JPG

10" of anime Teddy Bear fun in warm brown and orange mohair wears checkered bandana and old button. His old tin horse rides along. - $220

Viola, Twig and Little Hoot

Viola, Twig and Little Hoot.JPG

These little owls are only 6" of dense mohair and big eyes. - $55 each

Sweet Baby Rae

Sweet Baby Rae.JPG

11" a new face and style for me worked up in deep rose and pale pink mohair with frilly baby bonnet. - $225

Bella Luna

Bella Luna.JPG

Soft antique pink alpaca and feathers with royal blue trim and rhinestones in an exotic ostrich. 22' tall. - $345



Is a tiny 8" bit of a Yorkie. - $200



11" Scottish Fold kitty  with soulful eyes in grey and pale rust Tissaval and mohair. - $245

Mr. Peanuts Ride

Mr Peanuts Ride.JPG

A yellow Ellie parades around with Mr. peanut waving from atop. 10" Ellie stands on a vintage peanut butter tin. Bright colors to think of spring. - $265



This elephant stands on a vintage tin on two legs in red wool jacket with old gold trim with grand plumed hat. His old Japanese mouse rides on his back. - $265

Hickory Dickory Dock

Hickory Dickory Dock.JPG

Is a tiny 4" dark brown mohair mouse with wired arms to bend and pose wears a tiny check collar and bright blue bow while he contemplates getting to the top of the vintage wooden clock. Ultra suede ears and tail. - $180

Circus Time

Circus Time Ellie.JPG

Tan elephant poses with her inspiration, a vintage baby plate decorated with circus elephants. She holds a silly duck toy. - $195



Is a soft honey mohair bear with vintage child's lace trimmed and tucked petticoat and her favorite doll. 25" tall, - $455

Edward the Emu

Edward the Emu.JPG

A dignified statement on this majestic bird. 22" tall. - $445

Spring Chick

Spring Chick Pink.JPG

Is a tiny 4" mite in pale pink mohair with jointed head and wings and wire feet .He hides in his polka dot paper mache egg. - $95



The red rabbit is cozy in old wool sweater and sits upon her heart shape red box. 11" - $235

Autumn Feast

Autumn Feast.JPG

Black mohair winged crow leans down from an antique wooden spool to peck at the berries below. 15" tall. - $225

Violet the Rabbit


In honey mohair dressed in lavender check dress and old crochet.11" - $230

Baby New Year

Baby New Year.JPG

Is panda-fied in tan and brown mohair. Tiny crown and sash. - $215

Sewing Sue

Sewing Sue.JPG Sewing Cupboard.JPG

A hedgehog with a purpose in her sewing cupboard that includes an antique green sewing machine, tiny vintage dresses, bisque doll and pincushion with a drawer full of old spools of thread. - $315

Is it Spring Yet?

Is It Spring Yet.JPG

This teeny blue jay peeks out of his birchbark house waiting for spring unfold. - $95



A new teddy bear panda in unusual colors of lavender and cream. Amber glass eyes and applied nose. 15" - $265



13" gold teddy wears a vintage pale blue dress with blanket stitched embroidery and hugs her little blue teddy. - $235

Spring Chick

Spring Chick.JPG

3 1/2" pale mohair chicks hatch out of polka dot  mache eggs. - $95

Peppermint Patty

Peppermint Patty.JPG

This rabbit says Happy Valentine's Day in a bright vintage red wool coat and tam over long pink mohair. Complete with Lacey Valentine Corsage and toy dog. - $425

Purple Rain

Purple Rain.JPG

24" of the softest plush. - $255

Bow Wow

Bow Wow Boys.JPG

8" tall mohair dogs with googly eyes. - $220

Pig Witch

Pig Witch.JPG

9" black mohair pig rides into Halloween on a vintage wooden broom with horse hair bristles, mounted on a knob of wood. - $245



7" bright red mohair chick with a Patriotic flair complete with black top hat. - $155

24" Emma Abigail


All old gold mohair little girl is frocked in Civil War era child's dress with draw string neck petticoat underneath and saucy plumed hat. Old fur wrap and antique China Head doll accompany her. - $575

Winter Fest

Winter Fest.JPG

10" of grey alpaca and mohair with holiday trim. - $255

Holiday Joy

Holiday Joy.JPG

Comes to town in his red wooden wheeled cart with pack full of Christmas toys. 13" brown bear wears red belted jacket and fur trimmed hat. - $295

8" Tan Rat #31

Rat 31.JPG

Chained inside a black wooden cage. - $225

The Little Colonel


This tiny 7" fellow in tan mohair parades in a shadowbox with vintage frame. - $175

Sam and Ella

Sam and Ella.JPG

Is a bear of soft salmon color with contrasting belly and turquoise knit hat. Celluloid toy doll. 13" - $245



Is a brown mohair bear with orange print ruff and hat and roly poly friend. - $225

14" Black Bart

Black Bart.JPG

Chickens are new for me this year and Bart is the toughest of them all with metal eye patch and peg leg. You don't eat a chicken like him all at once! Black body and feathered wings and tail. - $325

12" Garbage Can

Garbage Can.JPG

Named for a raccoon we had as a pet this rascals comes with his own can and pilfering. - $230

14" Foxy Loxy

Foxy Loxy.JPG

Red brown mohair with black ruff ,matching hat and gourd pumpkin. - $255



16" giraffe on rocking resin bear with his cotton candy. - $245

Send in the Clowns

Send in The Clowns.JPG

What bigger clown then this 22" giraffe, complete with ruff , hat and vintage noise maker. - $305



Is 15" of donkey with halter ,sash and button trim. No political statement here! - $245

Nutkin Grey

Nutkin Grey.JPG

Alpaca and mohair grey squirrel is wondering if spring really is here! 11" - $245

13" Ninny in her Knickers

Ninny In her Knickers.JPG

Lavender bear in her lace trimmed chemise and drawers with antique wooden wash stand, pitcher and bowl and vintage doll and mannequin with dress. - $355

14" Lucky Chuck

Lucky Chuck.JPG

Tri- tone brown mohair dog and his wheeled conveyance. - $355

5" Trotter and Friend


Tiny pig with a chenille squirrel in wooden wheel barrow. - $175

14" Grey Briar

Grey Briar.JPG

A grey mohair fox with white chest .Multi fabric ruff in grey and red with black felt hat trimmed with feathers and button. - $255

Pig and Poke

Pig and Poke.JPG

This Black and Tan pig and panda are joy riding in wooden wheel barrow. 12" pig. - $265

The Peanut Butter and Spam brothers

Peanutbutter and Spam brothers.JPG

11" and 9 1/2" of tan mohair with chocolate spots each with old tin details and a peanut. - $225 and $215

Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel.JPG

Is a 10" elephant on a 6" tall vintage peck basket. Barrel is made of a patterned vintage mohair and old trim. - $265



Black and tan 18" mohair bull with suede hoofs is the story book character in the flesh, err, mohair. Complete with horns, and flower garland. - $325

8" Quasimodo


Dark brown rat with tan suede medieval cowl and hood carries a toy cork hangman. - $215



15" of elephant on old advertising tin complete with his periwig and Americana saddle. - $265

10" I'm Late , I'm Late

Im Late, Im Late.JPG

White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland with a very important date is attired in green and black check wool coat, linen vest, standing collar and bow, and pocket watch. - $230

10" Honey Child

Honey Child.JPG

I designed this bear around the adorable tin kitchen , complete with covered honey pots and vintage crockery. She wears a tiny vintage red apron. - $225



The 8" hedgehog in old apron and hat sits on her vintage box. - $215

Whoa Nelly

Whoa Nelly.JPG

16" of grey mohair donkey wears suede horse collar with old bell trim. - $245

Isabella and Delilah


Isabella, 13" elephant in antiqued grey mohair with old shoe button eyes wears vintage hat and crocheted dress. Delilah, 7" antiqued grey mohair elephant with shoe button eyes is the little sister in old cotton dress and trim. - $245 and $215

5" Little Miss Sister

Little Miss Sister.JPG

Little black jointed doll in vintage dress sits in old fabric sewing chair with thimble, scissors and pin cushion with wooden thread spools concealed in the seat. - $55

22" Cassandra

Cassandra.JPG and friend.JPG

All mohair honey gold bear in vintage child's dress with green ribbon trim. Full lace edged petticoat underneath. Pointy hat made of vintage fabric with spider trim. She carries a fabulous folk art rabbit. - $555

Puss and Boots

Puss in Boots.JPG

14" of spotted swagger, wears his jaunty feathered hat and vintage boots. - $235

Pretty In Pink Panda

Pretty in Pink Panda.JPG

Is 10" of rose, baby pink and black mohair with neck ruff and bow made of old pansy print fabrics. - $220

Truax the mini bull terrier


10" tall made in Brown and cream mohair . Perky ears and tail. - $245

Chilling for the Winter

Chillin for the Winter.JPG

8" tall blue bird is all bundled up for a Northern winter with red hat and tiny muff. Leather beak. - $165

Jambone and Little Bob

Jambone and Little Bob.JPG

6 1/2" tall grey elephant with little blue bear riding him. - $325

20" Purple Rain and 16" Purple Haze

Purple Rain, Purple Haze.JPG

Made of softer then soft plush with googley eyes collar or bow. - $255 and $225

5" This Little Piggy Went to the Market

This Little Piggy went to the Market.JPG

5" stone colored mohair pig rides on a Kay Stamm horse detailed with blanket and reins with wooden wagon of produce. - $225

Boo Boo Kitty

Boo Boo Kitty.JPG

7" tall bright eyed little kitty with fringe collar and bow. - $225

Quilting Quilla

Quilting Quilla.JPG

A little 9" hedgehog with flour sack apron standing at her vintage sewing machine. - $275

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater.JPG

Had a wife and couldn't keep her. Put her in a pumpkin she'll and there he kept her, very well. 9" hedgehog with apron and hat in 20" pumpkin house complete with fireplace. - $275

12" Witchy Wabbit

Witchy Wabbit.JPG

Is a lavender rabbit with black cape lined in grey polka dot, black hat and tiny casket with surprise inside. - $225

10" Lilly Belle

Lilly Belle.JPG

The Westie puppy is made of three different lengths of white mohair. - $295



5" silly cream and purple bear with clown hat and ruff. - $155

Buddy Boy

Buddy Boy.JPG

My new mini Bull Terrier in white with chocolate markings. 10" tall - $235

8" Morning Glory

Morning Glory.JPG

A chipper blue bird with cream tummy is accented with red buttons on her embroidered shawl and crimson geraniums strewn about her hat. Orange leather beak. - $165

Stuck a feather in his hat and called it MACARONI


13" pale blue and cream mohair with old pillow ticking trim. - $235

11" Hambone


Black mohair with stone spots. - $225

5" Count Clockular

Count Clockular.JPG

Mohair bat hangs from filigree handle inside the old clock case and is removable to tell the time on the pocket watch in his tummy. Vintage metallic trim around clock face. - $225

Quinn and Quackers

Quinn and Quackers.JPG

This unlikely pair ride along in vintage yellow and green wagon. 16" Red mohair bear with his trusty wooden jointed duck. - $375

10" Boris and Bear

Boris and Bear.JPG

My tribute to Russia with stylized black ceramic bear and the addition of a throne for Boris the Vintage Russian boy to reside. - $55

Coca Belle

Cocoa Belle.JPG

A new kitty pattern of brown and cocoa mohair with wide green eyes and big nose . 12" - $245

9 1/2" Hamlet


The big eared pig in stone mohair with black spots. - $215

4" There's a Hare in my Tea

Theres a Hare in My Tea.JPG

Tan mohair rabbit with bright eyes and big teeth resides in this darling pink floral tea pot with cup and saucer. - .$155

Fan Tan

Fan Tan.JPG

The elephant perches on an unusual fluted black and pumpkin base. Vintage fringe and black Victorian beading flavor her ensemble.10" tall from base. - $245



A favorite Big Head pattern revisited in soft pink mohair with tiny apron and a bit of blue trim 9". - $215

7" Ada


An antique oval swing frame displays this tiny China's vintage clothes and calling card. - $125

What the Cluck

What the Cluck.JPG

Award winning poultry with jointed head and wings, wired legs to stand . Leather face detail with glass eyes.13" tall. - $355



5" bear in cream and blue mohair with patriotic trim. - $155

Orange I Great?

Orange I Great!.JPG

5" of silliness with tiny buttons and crocheted hat. - $155

5" Little Peep

Little Peep.JPG

This tiny bit of a fluffy chick resides in her own paper mache blue egg driven about in vintage trimmed and papered cart. - $215