Bears Gone By

See some of our previous bears.

16" Cedric and friends


Dignified Cedric with monocle and top hat wears collar and watch while looking over his mouse friends. - $235

11" Corabelle


Lavender mohair bear wears vintage coral dress with old button and lace detail and Pansy trimmed hat.She carry’s a little brown bunny. - $235

30" Monkey Shines

GetAttachmentThumbnail-6.jpg GetAttachmentThumbnail-7.jpg

Long and lanky with curling tail and winning smile , this little guy is fully jointed wearing vintage sailor costume and holding old monkey friend. - $425

10" Snowdrop


Ohio weather can be unpredictable so this little blue pig sports his wool hat and floral detail. - $235

9" First Pork of Year

GetAttachmentThumbnail-2.jpg GetAttachmentThumbnail-3.jpg

Red mohair pig has four joints and German glass eyes. Stripped Sailor collar and beret. His friendly wheeled pig is tugged along on a leash. - $160

10" Little Miss Sister Pig

GetAttachmentThumbnail-13.jpg GetAttachmentThumbnail-14.jpg

Adorable vintage dress of red and plaid ruffles. Tiny flower button trim and black velvet bow. She arrives with purse and tiny bear friend. Fully jointed with German glass eyes. - $225

15" Percy and Pettijohn


Spotted mohair giraffe wears ruff and clownish hat. He rides in a vintage wooden wagon with his vintage dog , waving a pennant. - $265

16" Ramona


White mohair rabbit wears vintage yellow pique coat with lace embellishments. Bright purple felt hats is trimmed out with wired ribbon and feathers. She Carrie’s a leather purse with lace and floral details. - $295

11" She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not


White mohair rabbit wears pale yellow vintage dress and hat accented with lace, purple ribbon and old flowers. She carry’s her plucked flower. - $235

13" Mi Ling


Happy yellow and red mohair bear sports big red bow and a vintage purse to carry her little yellow painted Asian baby with polka dot hanky. - $255

5" Blue bird of Happiness


Old wooden tool box marrys well with wooden tulips and silk greenery to allow the little Blue bird and it’s nest to shelter. - $75

11" Are you being Served?


Black mohair Pig wears Bellhop jacket and cap and totes a vintage suitcase. - $245

10" Tall Princess Pippy

GetAttachmentThumbnail-7.jpg GetAttachmentThumbnail-8.jpg

Mohair and faux fur puppy is fully jointed and wears sparkly collar and velvet bow to match her throne. - $265

11" Tom

GetAttachmentThumbnail-5.jpg GetAttachmentThumbnail-6.jpg

Brown tipped mohair and off white mohair make up this sweet boy. Brown German glass eyes. Navy felt coat, red knit hat and old wooden beads. - $255

13" Miss Esme

GetAttachmentThumbnail-11.jpg GetAttachmentThumbnail-12.jpg

Pink mohair pig has a dark backbig for warmth and highlights her pink and lace trimmed dress. Crocheted beret and a Joan Walsh Anglund doll.Fully jointed with German glass eyes. - $265

10" Petula

GetAttachmentThumbnail-15.jpg GetAttachmentThumbnail-16.jpg

Tan mohair bear is fully jointed with German glass eyes and wears old red skirt, embroidered lace trimmed blouse and over sized red bow. Her mother made her wear it. Gollie friend is along for the ride. - $225

7" Rose Lee Heart Throb


Tiny bear is fully jointed with German glass eyes and wonderful velveteen trimmed dress with coordinating purse and small display setting. - $210

7" Checkers

GetAttachmentThumbnail.jpg GetAttachmentThumbnail-1.jpg

Cream mohair bear is fully jointed with heart shaped nose and wears a checkered vintage coat, red beret and plaid travel case. - $215

15" Lady Melrose

GetAttachmentThumbnail-3.jpg GetAttachmentThumbnail.jpg

Stone mohair bear is fully jointed with German glass eyes and wears her vintage coat and hat with aplomb! Marabou trim graces her collar while purse and hat coordinate with satin purse with built in mirror and cording. Blue valise with vintage Valentine and red interior sets off her ensemble. - $295

11" Pansey

GetAttachmentThumbnail-4.jpg GetAttachmentThumbnail-5.jpg

Pink mohair pig wears vintage rose dress with lace and fringe and her own candy box. - $235

26" Kenzo and Sir Galahad

GetAttachmentThumbnail-6.jpg GetAttachmentThumbnail-7.jpg

Dense black and white panda is fully jointed with wired armature in his arms and bold black eyes. He arrives dressed in an Edwardian lace trimmed child’s jacket with wide red bow and celluloid buttons. His hat is a bold affair of black and cream corduroy with two tassels and piping. Antique Sir Galahad is darned if Keno is going anywhere without him. - $525

11" Briggs and Stratton

GetAttachmentThumbnail-4.jpg GetAttachmentThumbnail-5.jpg

A salute to our troops with a small English connection. Briggs is 11” of mohair in khaki hat and jacket. 8” Stratton is an old soldier made of old cotton and velveteen with great costume details and painted face. - $295

12" Abiah

GetAttachmentThumbnail-4.jpg GetAttachmentThumbnail-5.jpg

Navy and butter mohair bear looks out of bright blue eyes. He has Yellow paw pads and a tiny teddy bear friend. - $215

8x11 Valentines Book

GetAttachmentThumbnail-6.jpg GetAttachmentThumbnail-7.jpg

Vintage Valentine cover and Valentine details inside. - $95

20" Twilla Swoon

GetAttachmentThumbnail-8.jpg GetAttachmentThumbnail-9.jpg GetAttachmentThumbnail-10.jpg

Soft tan mohair rabbit cuddles her artist made doll. Twilla is fully jointed with German glass eyes and wears a vintage chemise, powder blue day dress and wool check coat with matching hat. Tiny leather purse is detailed with flowers and a soft pink corsage compliments her pink accents. - $375

9" Patriotic Man


I found this old felt body missing his celluloid head at a show and re equipped him it’s a Teddy bear head, felt hat and vintage red cream and blue fabric details. - $125

14" Ting Tang

d1.jpg d2.jpg

Chocolate alpaca elephant stands atop a candy box, detailed in vintage ribbon and old flowers, which stands atop a ceramic base. A vintage tin blue baby bath on his back holds rose velveteen pin cushion and decorative pins. - $195

15" Winston

b1.png b2.png

What a face! What a character in need of an orthodontist! Fully jointed bulldog sports old hat and collar and is made of three qualities of mohair with suede paw pads. - $345

15" The Widow Walton

e1.jpg e2.jpg

A bit primitive with silly eyes and sillier hat and made of tweed brown and black wool coating. Fully jointed wearing vintage silk dress and interesting hat and veil. She embroiders endlessly!. - $225

11" Pierre the Pug


Caramel mohair with black vintage velveteen ears and tail make this pug realistic. Add the Knit hat and felt Scarf and it completes the look! He deserves it!. - $255

9" Captain Courageous


Stone mohair pig is fully jointed and is ready for his command in green velveteen jacket and commanding hat!. - $235

14" Sassafras’s

GetAttachmentThumbnail-3.jpg GetAttachmentThumbnail-4.jpg

Off white mohair bears wears vintage wool baby coat with lace collar and leather shoes.She carries an antique China head. - $265

13" Fallen Angel

GetAttachmentThumbnail-2.jpg GetAttachmentThumbnail-3.jpg

Blue eyed Angel wears old frock With holiday trim and metal wings. Grey faux fur. - $225

16" Junk in the Trunk Santa

GetAttachmentThumbnail-7.jpg GetAttachmentThumbnail-8.jpg

Vintage wooden sleigh with original paint and wooden wheels careens into the holiday with spotted mohair giraffe driver and a toy box full of toys. - $265

8" Advent King

GetAttachmentThumbnail-2.jpg GetAttachmentThumbnail-3.jpg

Old Odd Fellows costume remade to fit the season on this big headed bear. - $175

18" When you wish upon a star

GetAttachmentThumbnail.jpg GetAttachmentThumbnail-1.jpg

Pink mohair girl wears delightful baby dress with rows of antique lace at hem.Neckline is accented with vintage necklace and pink poinsettia. She holds stars to wish on and one in her hair. - $325

14" Brood Hilda and Chick

c1.jpg c2.jpg c3.jpg

Strutting her stuff in the barn yard and proud as punch with her offspring I present Brood Hilda and chick. Made of dense black mohair with jointed neck, and wings, faux leather face and felt beak and German glass eyes. Wired feet and legs to stand. - $395 (set)

11" Cat Call

d1.jpg d2.jpg

Jointed kitty made of dense green white mohair wears bold red wool jacket and beret. Green glass eyes and vintage wooden phone with pop up friend. - $255

10" Yippie I-Oh- Ky-Ah!


For that bit of a cowboy in all of us! Mohair bear in vest and neckerchief with straw hat and his pony. - $225

The Mother and Child Reunion

i1.jpg i2.jpg

Diminutive vintage wooden Crèche (11” tall by 13” wide) frame Mary(6”) with a sleeping Baby Jesus while a Craig Yenke donkey looks on and the Star shines above. - $275

12" Madam Butterfly McQueen


Pink mohair with chocolate backing adds a vintage look to this feminine pig. She wears a cranberry dress with pleated petticoat underneath and floral jacket with lace edges peplum. Her brown hat is decorated with feathers and floral. Mohair purse completes the ensemble. - $265

11" Sir Mouse -A- Lot

h1.jpg h2.jpg

Rust and Tan mohair kitty is fully jointed with ultra suede nose and wired tail. He has fabulous green glass eyes and sports an antique jacket with green bow and holds a mouse!. - $270

10" Lily Belle

f1.jpg f2.jpg

Made of 3 lengths of cream mohair including 1 1/2” curly which is difficult to find now a days this pup is fully jointed with sculpted nose and bright taffeta bow. - $325

9" Gordy and Squints


Autumn gold mohair bear rides in vintage wooden wagon with his favorite squash. Squash hat also!. - $245

10" Miss Pea

GetAttachmentThumbnail.jpg GetAttachmentThumbnail-1.jpg

Antique clothing makes such a difference. This little silk dress and velvet hat works so well together on this little pig. She holds a celluloid purse. - $250

9 1/2" Padamore the pig


Cranberry red mohair with dark back pig is fully jointed with festive sweater, hat , scarf and holiday pin. - $225

30" Monkey Shines

GetAttachmentThumbnail-4.jpg GetAttachmentThumbnail-5.jpg

Mohair and ultra suede monkey wears vintage sailor suit and red wool beret. Vintage monkey friend. - $425

12" Arsenic and Old Lace

d1.jpg d2.jpg

Primitive bear is fully jointed , made of distressed grey faux fur and wears antique grey polka dot dress and complimenting hat and purse. Silly eyes!. - $225

9" Off with Her Head!


9” bear of brown mohair is ready with wooden executioners axe to do the deed. Black leather hood sets the mood. Working Guillotine envisions all kinds of Halloween vignettes. - $265

14" Miss Esme

g1.png g2.png

Soft grey elephant wears vintage tan coat with lace collar and vintage buttons. Attached mittens remind me of when my mom pinned mine to my coat. Vintage straw hat frames her face encrusted with berries and flowers. Fully jointed with German glass eyes. - $265

7" Bart and Spidey


Old wooden sewing drawer is repurposed for this little bats home. Bart is made of mohair with German glass eyes and wrapped in wings of old silk. Spidey is along for company. - $155

11" Nurse Alice Ross-King

l1.jpg l2.jpg

Named in honor of a real WW 1 nurse who helped champion the way for nurses to be present near battlefields to better serve wounded soldiers. They set a precedent which so benefitted all military men. Mohair bear with Googly eyes. Full dress, apron and veil along with her syringe!. - $255

12" Ofelia Mustard


Gold mohair pig wears a vintage wool stripped shawl edged in scallops. Velveteen hat and old muff completes the look. - $235

9" Peep and her Sheep

i1.jpg i2.jpg i3.jpg

Felted wool sheep are adorable companions for Peep in her vintage dress and bonnet. Fully jointed mohair bear. - $200

13" Fitz the Fox


Fully jointed Fox made from two qualities of mohair with jaunty red bow. - $265

13" Henry Green

g1.jpg g2.jpg

Lime green mohair bear pairs well with vintage stripped ticking overalls trimmed in celluloid buttons and his dog friend Duff. Fully jointed with German glass eyes. - $255

13" Djinni of the Bottle

c1.jpg c2.jpg c3.jpg

Originally a marionette , this Djinni has such an expressive face and wonderfully made hands. Costuming him was such fun and pairing him with smoky bottle adds to the mystery. - $175

14" Ella Bella

f1.png f2.png

Such a sweet face on this brown eyed elephant. Tipped mohair compliments the antique cotton dress with just a touch of lace detail and buttoned back. Vintage daisy and taffeta ribbon complete the look. She carries her felt toy elephant. - $265

13" Bartlett’s

e1.png e2.png

Black mohair pig wears oversized hat , tunic and knickers of old fabrics. He is fully jointed with German glass eyes. - $265

18" Stop and Go Giraffe

c1.png c2.png

Spotted mohair giraffe rides along in vintage box with bold wooden sign and Trick or Treat bags.Two tone ruff and candy corn detail at neck. Fully jointed. - $265

8" Skeleton Witch

a.jpg a1.jpg

Eerie green mohair witch is complimented with purple cape of old silk and bold flower. She resides in an antique ladies boot and carries her skeleton trimmed broom stick. - $215

4 1/2" Pasty Winkles

e1.jpg e2.jpg

Tiny pumpkin head people in vintage boxes stand on old wooden spools. - $65 each

13" Angels we have heard on High

h1.jpg h2.jpg

Curly cream mohair bear wears silk slip dress and beautiful lace wings embellished with pink silk roses, front and back. - $255

29" Monkey Shines

j1.jpg j2.jpg

Vintage bell hop costume embellished with brass buttons and jaunty hat make this happy monkey. A wired armature in his arms allows him to hold his vintage monkey friend. He is seated on matching stripped suitcases which accompany him. - $425

9" Cookies Cupboard

a1.jpg a2.jpg a3.jpg

Once upon a I time I was given Miss Cookies Kitchen , a Colorform delight with cupboards and drawers and of course Miss Cookie. This little kitty is just as much fun with drawers a plenty in this wonderful vintage trunk. Old wooden doll, felted kitty, 3 piece wardrobe and cutouts contribute to the fun. - $325

11" Princess Pippy

g1.jpg g2.jpg g3.jpg

Tawny mohair pug is brought to life with vintage velveteen ears, muzzle and eye patches as well as curly tail. Fully jointed she has huge German glass eyes and wired ribbon bow. - $265

9" Miss Willabeth Wissig

k1.png k2.png k3.png

Salmon mohair is a bright accent against the Black and Tan trunk. She wears a removable scalloped ,bottle green cape with lace and celluloid button. Wool hat is accented with old velveteen flowers and bow. Once upon a time jewelry was presented in silk lined boxes of quality. Her tiny gold purse with chain handle is displayed in it. - $325

10" Tall Fig

c1.jpg c2.jpg

Like her brother Angus , Fig is made of cream and rust mohairs with a nose sculpted of fired plastic clay and expressive eyes. Fully jointed to sit or stand. - $265

6" Midge and Mudge

h1.jpg h2.jpg

Raspberry and cream mohair bear wears tiny pink bed jacket and is fully jointed. Wooden cradle is painted jolly green and gold with tiny decals and stripped mattress. Vintage dog for company. - $175

15" Baby Cakes

a1.png a2.png

Cream mohair bear has ultra suede paw pads and amber stitched nose and is simply trimmed with chocolate taffeta ribbon. - $245

13" Veronica

e1.jpg e2.jpg e3.jpg

Coral mohair bear pops in vintage blue buttoned dress with lace details. Yellow felt hat is embroidered with flowers and she holds a vintage rouge tin. - $260

4" Plague Doctor

b1.jpg b2.jpg

Back by popular demand the Plague Doctor is reminiscent of those that combated illness long ago. Removable hat. - $95

8" “It’s Alive!"

d1.jpg d2.jpg

Frankies head arrives in his life giving chamber of wood and metal , complete with sparks shooting from ceiling apparatus. He is soft sculpted of mohair and sutures and mounted to metal collar and base complete with neck bolts. - $155

10" Puddles and Patches

b1.png b2.png b3.png

Send in the clowns with these two. Polka dotted mohair teddy bear with felt and pompon hat and his little vintage dog with tattered ruff ride in the happy little circus wagon with wooden slats and metal wheels and felt banner. - $225

10" Wait a Minute Mr. Postman

d1.png d2.png

10” Quinten reaches to mail a letter to his pet pals in the vintage green metal mailbox. Gold mohair bear wears Sailor collar and velveteen beret along with his dog Scallywag. - $215

15" Fennimore

h1.jpg h2.jpg h3.jpg

Is constructed of old ivory mohair with antique gold back. He wears a vintage velveteen jacket in burnt orange finished with an ivory lace collar and plaid taffeta sash. Black vintage velveteen beret is detailed with lace and plaid taffeta ribbon. Fully jointed bear with German glass eyes and perle cotton nose along with his bird friend Robin in very short mohair , felt beak and wire feet. - $325

6" Rocky


Vintage Red flannel vest and old sock hat keep this mohair bear warm on his rocking horse while he waves his bright blue Penney. Fully jointed bear is stone colored mohair with German glass eyes. - $155

9" Pamela Prada

e1.jpg e2.jpg e3.jpg

Small gold pig sports vintage green felt coat and hat trimmed out with old fabric floral pieces and carries a tiny felt purse. Floral cotton dress underneath coordinated. - $235

12" Ofelia

a1.jpg a2.jpg

Cream mohair bear stares through Googly eyes thoughtfully. Peach antique silk dress has vintage sash and she holds a Mirror to gaze upon her beauty. Vintage mohair and fully jointed. - $255

11" Henrietta and Hammy

b1.jpg b2.jpg

Black mohair pig is ready for summer in straw hat and old jacket in a vintage tin lawn chair Along with her fabric friend. Fully jointed, German glass eyes. - $245

15" Miss Priss

c1.png c2.png

Simple lawn dress is sprigged with pink flowers and shaped by a full lace trimmed petticoat. Lace embellishment trims the bodice and she carries a crocheted basket. Bear is made of cream mohair and is fully jointed. - $255

10" Kitty Kupboard

d1.png index.png d3.png

This delightful vintage dolls trunk holds all this petite kitty girl could want. She arrives in lace trimmed slip and a wardrobe of blue felt coat, pink cotton dress and blue plaid dress. Wooden bench, old clock and wicker table holds her puppy friend all coordinated with the trunk. - $265

13" Game Boy

1.png 2.png 3.jpg

Vintage game board in wonderful graphics and punch of colors determined the three colors of mohair used on this bear. Fully jointed with German Glass eyes. Accented with old collar and tie he is accompanied by game pieces and board. - $270

7" Hitching a Ride

d1.jpg d2.jpg

This tiny panda in traditional black and white mohair is detailed in nose and eyes to coordinate with his Toucan friend. Fully jointed with German glass eyes. Toucan friend is paper mache. - $155

11" Kittery Kim

i1.jpg i2.jpg

Dense grey mohair kitty has ultra suede nose, wired tail and vintage cotten dress. Darling jaunty bow and old wool flower details. - $270

18" Road Trip

k1.jpg k2.jpg

Gold polka dot mohair giraffe with black mane arrives in a vintage travel case trimmed with travel pennant and bold wooden stop and go sign and wooden car. - $265

16" Gemini and the Twins

l1.jpg l2.jpg

Scarlett and antique gold mohair panda wears vintage hat with primitive sunflower and antique sash in coordinated colors. Two vintage straw stuffed celluloid sailors accompany him. - $295

4" Country Mouse

l1.jpg l2.jpg l3.jpg

Where else would a woodland mouse live but in a moss covered cabin surrounded by mushrooms and a dove cote. Home base is a slab of real wood. The 4” mouse is fully jointed and made of pale gold mohair with acorn hat and thimble carry all. What fun to add to this woodland scene. - $195

12" Miss Pink

c1.jpg c2.jpg c3.jpg

Miss Pink wears a crisp long white organdy dress and full tiered and ruffled slip. Old bonnet of cotton and lace and a small touch of lavender pink ribbon around her face to break the monotony. - $255

10" JJ


A hairy Guinea pig made of string mohair, with glass eyes. He resides in an old shoe box. Jointed head and tiny chenille stem feet. Weighted body. - $195

Shot through the Heart


Tan distressed mohair elephant is stained and appliquéd with red wool patches and a heart. Red wired ribbon bow and black metal arrow. - $220

11" Robert Raikes Bunny’s

a1.jpg a2.jpg a3.jpg

This delightful duo came to me unclothed and I had a delightful time sprucing them up. Wood and plush bodies. Mr Rabbit has a mended ear. - $70 pair

6" Blossom

f1.jpg f2.jpg f3.jpg

Punch color mohair bear perches on a vintage wooden shelf with antique post card insert. Wooden painted egg cup holds a tiny feathered bird in greenery. Bear is fully jointed and detailed with antique velveteen Violet and tiny book. - $215

9" Carrot Chariot

j2.jpg j3.jpg

Wheeled wooden rabbit carries cream mohair bear in vintage romper to the carrot races. - $175

4" City Mouse

b1.png b2.png

Miss Muriel lives in a very fine house with manicured shrubs and shingled roof. She is made of off white Tissavel with soft grey spots and wears an orange cape and straw hat detailed with flowers and carries her basket to market. - $195

13" Jacob

e1.jpg e2.jpg

Elephant in Rusty red matted mohair wears linen sailor top with vintage pillow ticking sash and collar trim. Old white sailor hat is detailed with pillow ticking and octopus and he carries his tin shovel. - $255

9" Jon Paul

f1.png f2.png

9” Pink mohair with chocolate backing pig wears a dark brown jacket with pleated twill collar, cranberry velvet bow and straw hat with ribbon trim. - $235

11" Angus

a1.png a2.png a3.png

Deep bronze gold and cream mohair makes up this fully jointed version of a Pappillion dog. - $255

13" Puss in Boots

j1.jpg j2.jpg j3.jpg

I have always wanted to make a Puss in Boots. This 13” cat is made of fawn colored mohair with green German glass eyes and ultra suede nose. His doublet is fashioned after an antique one and made from a bottle green Victorian gown. Faux leather boots with heels, felt vintage hat and a handy made wooden sword fits into his sash buckle for quick draws. - $325

10" Elizabeth Ann

a1.jpg a2.jpg

Elizabeth Ann is a jolly little pig in gold mohair and vintage outfit with velvet vest. Perky hat and vintage black purse add to her look. - $235