Take a look at some the newest additions available.

10" Coal Kitty

thumbnail_IMG_8077.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8079.jpg

Tuxedo kitty is fully jointed with Green German Glass eyes and made of dense mohair and wired tail. He fits inside a stocking made of an old quilt with feather stitching and a small embroidered bird and bit of Holiday greens. - $235

8" Hitching a Ride

thumbnail_IMG_8089.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8090.jpg

Garnet red pig is made of matted mohair , jointed arms and legs,German glass eyes and wears stripped hat and scarf. Reindeer companion and felt tree ride into town in a wicker sleigh. - $230

10" Chimney Chums

thumbnail_IMG_8221.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8222.jpg

Roof top fun of icicle dripping faux chimney stuffed with grey mohair elephant and his reindeer friend. Greenery , berries, and candy trim highlight the polka dot covered chimney. - $255

14" Winter Rose

thumbnail_IMG_8341.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8342.jpg

Butterscotch mohair bear looks fabulous in turquoise silk dress and removable velveteen cape and chapeau. White mohair accents collar ,hat and silk rose trimmed muff. Fully jointed with German glass eyes. - $265

13" Little Schroom

thumbnail_IMG_8219.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8220.jpg

Brown alpaca raccoon wears black mask and stripped tail. Fully jointed to scamper in for the winter. Forest greens and schrooms. - $255

10" Elle and Santa

thumbnail_IMG_8228.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8229.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8230.jpg

Dashing towards your home,
With Santa in the sleight, 
Red Elle rides with delight,
Joyful all the way!
Vintage red wooden sleigh contains Elle and Santa and holiday greens. - $255

9" Holly Jolly Christmas


Delightful holly box is accented with sparkling Merry Christmas and contains a brown ,fully jointed mohair pig, Curley tail and all. He wears red winter coat and stripped scarf, and cream stocking cap. Reindeer friend and bit of Holly finish. - $245

11" Brown Eyed Girl


One of my favorite vintage dresses with matching hat needed just the right bear to bedeck. Here she is. Made of brown mohair accented with magnificent 14mm brown Googlie eyes. A little lace , flower accent and tiny mirror completes the look!. - $245

5" Fruit Bat Dandy

thumbnail_IMG_7893.jpg thumbnail_IMG_7870.jpg

Brown mohair bat has a steam punk flavor in metal cage , corseted wings and fangs. - $155