Take a look at some the newest additions available.

20" Pink


Thick pink mohair and cream paw pads is a classic combination with vintage felt hat and black accents. Cream lace collar and black velvet bow. - $325

16" Senior Sargent Vinton

Senior Sargent Vinton.JPG

Sparse rust mohair pig with old army hat and medals. - $265

12" Lulu


Sparse rust mohair with the dang cutest navy polka dotted dress and hair bow. - $235

10" Leah


A sister pig,made of sparse rust mohair, in tiny dotted navy jumper and Sailor hat. - $225

13" Serafina


Rust mohair pig in vintage tweed spring coat and funky beige headband with a tiny leather purse. - $245

20" Mademoiselle Elise

Mademoiselle Elise.JPG

White bear with Black vintage hat trimmed out with feathers and flowers. Old rhinestone choker collar. Pink stitched detail over black nose. - $325

14" Baby Alice

Baby Alice.JPG

Cream mohair bear wears pale aqua vintage dress and bonnet and holds a tiny Japanese rabbit. - $265

16' Stan and Ollie

Stan and ollie.JPG

Mohair elephant wears antique bowler hat and standing collar and old tie, Stan the duck{ made by Monty Sours} wears matching collar, bow tie and Hat. - $365

16" Lord Moen of the Privy Chamber

Lord Moen of the Privy Chamber.JPG

Is a dashing tan mohair bear is dapper in vintage ostrich feather trimmed black hat and sash with old details. - $395

14" Lolita


A swanky bear in black dress embellished with old lace and beading and a fabulous hat. - $295

8" Gaspare

Gaspare .JPG

My French pig, waddles to market atop a vintage Lard tin with jaunty hat and dashing red saddle. - $265

8" Nick Knack Paddy Wack

Nick Nack Paddy Wack.JPG

This, head only, bear is mounted to an antique tin drum and wears felt circus hat and fabric ruff. - $125

8" Blue Boy and friend

Blue Boy and Friend.JPG

Sparse blue mohair bear is accented with darker blue muzzle and paw pads. Red sailor collar and hat. - $225

12" Eulalie Shinn & 6" Eustis Shinn

Eulalie Shinn and Eustis.JPG

Eulalie, is a grey mohair elephant resplendent in cream dress and black check cape, Cream vintage hat and purple accents. Eustis, small grey elephant wears a vintage check dress and bow. - $245

5" Going to the Chapel

Going to the Chapel.JPG

This two bear set has a tiny chapel as the backdrop. - $300

12" Cornelius Van Hoosick

Cornelius Van Hoosick.JPG

Dapper elephant in vintage tails with top hat. Purple accents. - $245

6" Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup.JPG

A naked pig in wheelbarrow , with a tomato. - $220

16" Mrs. Evadine

Mrs. Evadine.JPG

Deep brown mohair wears red wool coat trimmed in fur accents and old buttons. Vintage black felt hat with pheasant feathers. - $295

6" Flora Belle

Flora Belle.JPG

This girly grey mohair Ellie wears vintage pink plaid dress and wide brimmed blue bonnet. Both have fun felt flower trim. - $215

7" How much is that Doggie in the Window?

How Much is that Doggie in the Window.JPG

Darling dog wears leather collar and hopes for his forever home. Wire cage. - $220

9" Leporoptodist Bombyx Mori

Leporoptodist .JPG

The silk butterfly, taxidermist style using old silk fabrics. In black case with glass door. - $95

8" Herkimer


Grey alpaca donkey. Leather collar. - $235

11" Honey Bun

Honey Bun.JPG

Honey colored mohair bear with contrasting muzzle and two tone brown stitched nose wears vintage ruffled collar and plaid hair bow. - $220

11" Yum Yum


Black and cream mohair panda sports red wired ribbon bow and old black and cream plaid celluloid button. - $220

10" Liam


Three different lengths of black mohair makes this Cairn Terrier look true to breed. See his Westie sister Lily Belle. - $325

8" Funky Chicken

Funky Chicken.JPG

Multi colored mohair chicken is jointed and sports some funky details.Vintage cup. - $125

6" Tomasina


This little sweetie with old glass eyes, wears tiny vintage 1920’s dress. - $195

10" Lilly Belle

Lilly Belle.JPG

White Westey is made of mohair in 3 different lengths. Fully jointed.Pink collar and silver bell. - $325

Just Jack 7"

Just Jack.JPG

Is a jumping jack mounted on rusty spring, clutching his vintage dog, inside old 45 record box. Inside is pic from a child's book. - $225

13" Leo


Is a tan and brown mohair Lion who says hes king of the jungle and has the medallion to prove it. Wired tail. - $245

5" Bat Time

Bat Time.JPG

Tiny brown bat hangs inside a bright green vintage clock with rusty clock face and trim. - $195