Take a look at some the newest additions available.



Is a tiny 8" bit of a Yorkie. - $200



The big lug is a hairy Old English sheep dog in two colored furs, 24mm melt your heart eyes and pet carrier. Each pad has appliqued pads. - $375

Pretty in Pink

Pretty In Pink.JPG

Is a 13" brown bear with vintage pink dress , floral trimmed lace covered hat and woven purse and old chickie. - $235

Tea Time

Tea Time.JPG

Is a standing ellie of vintage patterned mohair atop an antique tea tin. I continued the theme with wicker houda, tea tin and tea leaf pickers atop. - $265

In your Easter Bonnet

DSCN949In your Easter Bonnet.JPG

4" fully jointed and pose-able tiny mouse with her special hat and felt covered hat box. - $165



The pink ellie is a bright and happy pachyderm. - $215

Bella Luna

Bella Luna.JPG

Soft antique pink alpaca and feathers with royal blue trim and rhinestones in an exotic ostrich. 22' tall. - $345



Is 5" of tiny honey bear in cape of antique fabric with watch detail and purse. Her hat is a bit of a Steam punk influence out of a metal lid with velvet ribbon and feather trim. The freestanding shadow box is an antique frame and is free standing. - $215

Puddle and Pip

Piddle and Pip.JPG

11" and 9" matted mohair pig buddies with turquoise and bright red trim. - $220 and $195

Sweet Baby Rae

Sweet Baby Rae.JPG

11" a new face and style for me worked up in deep rose and pale pink mohair with frilly baby bonnet. - $225



This little bear packs a lot into his few inches with mixed mohair and fun details. - $115

Viola, Twig and Little Hoot

Viola, Twig and Little Hoot.JPG

These little owls are only 6" of dense mohair and big eyes. - $55 each

Maura Jane and Biloxi Bob

Maura Jane and Biloxi Bob.JPG

Pug siblings, stand 9"tall in dark grey with black details and bright red bows. - $245

Call Me Al

Call Me Al.JPG

A tribute to my up coming Florida shows in green mohair and plush this alligator features a vintage collar and red buttons. 14" - $245

BaaBaa Black Sheep

Baa Baa Black Sheep.JPG

8" tall sheep in string mohair and black ultra suede with antique glass eyes. - $235



I had never seen a white donkey until a drive through Pennsylvania and knew I had to make one.8" tall  with nice details of jaw and rounded belly. See his brother Apache. - $235



9" grey donkey with red blanket and saddle. - $235

Shadow box


those of you that know of my love of China's will appreciate this shadow box of tiny antique China's in old lace dresses with a tiny Bride in the center. The backdrop is a lovely old turn of the century Bridal  registry printed in still vibrant inks. - $325

Pitty Pat

Pitty Pat.JPG

The 8" Hedgehog in old lace and ribbon with her wash bowl and pitcher on old stand. - $225



Brother to Pitty Pat is 8" also  ,made of prickly brown mohair and flesh mohair. He sits upon a bench with tiny antique Cotton German bird. - $225



A delicate flower of a hippo in short grey mohair with net tutu and collar.12" long x 7" tall. - $245



Complete with leathery shell, this Armadillo is quite unique. - $225



Red viscose bear with lace collar and tiny Valentine. - $155

Honey Lumps

Honey Lump.JPG

Is a tiny bunny, 6" tall without his ears and perches in a vintage sugar bowl he calls home with his spoon. - $200

Billy Boy

Billy Boy.JPG

The Billy goat I've always wanted to make his inspiration comes from and old drawing I've had in the sewing room for years. Finally he comes to life! 9" tall - $235

10" Squirrel Nutkin

Squirrel Nutkin.JPG

In dense grey alpacca with string mohair tail . Green velvet ribbon accents the cluster of nuts he has. - $235

Miss FiFi

Miss FiFi.JPG

8" tall purrfect kitties in vintage viscose with googly eyes. - $220

What the Cluck?

What the Cluck, nesting.JPG

12" Nesting chicken in tan mohair with leather head details and antique glass eyes sits on terra-cotta tin. - $355

Giddy Up

Giddy Up!.JPG

10" of anime Teddy Bear fun in warm brown and orange mohair wears checkered bandana and old button. His old tin horse rides along. - $220

Golly G. Bear 10"

Golly G. Bear.JPG

Has a smile to tickle your funny bone with side glancing googly eyes, red wool vest, knit undershirt, black mohair and jolly bow tie. - $220

12" Irene


A sweet faced Low brown China sits in wooden rocker upholstered in brown fabric . She holds a sewing box of thread and wooden needle case and homey pin cushion. Dressed in clothing she was found in. - $110

10" Louisa


Mauve bear in Homespun plaid dress carries a vintage ceramic doll. - $235

Cleo and Clover

Cleo and Clover.JPG

Adorable teddy bear in Kelly green felt coat and hat with floral details and ears peaking out. Clover is a knitted sheep and Cleo's companion. 11" of cute. - $225

The Dutchess Louise de la Valliere

Dutchess Louise.JPG head shot.JPG

My interpretation of a grand dame, a mistress of King Louis, in period costuming of vintage fabrics and lace petticoats over a vintage transfer ware pottery. Complete to her beauty mark and hair style with jewels and floral trim. 22" tall. - $325