Take a look at some the newest additions available.

Jonathon Livingston Seagull


If you've ever lived near the ocean ,you'll know how impertinent seagulls can be. Jonathon has a sparkle in his eye and treasure of sea eggs in his beak. Pale grey mohair with mustard felt legs and beak, he is fully jointed of wings , legs and head. He sports a real feather tail and white neckerchief with tiny black edging. - $155

Sloop John "B"

Sloop John B.JPG

5" John "B" rides the waves in his tin cup boat with stripped sail and pennant flying. Waves are painted fabric and John is made of deep rust mohair with ultra-suede paw pads and black embroidered nose. - $195

Old Mother Hubbard

Old Mother Hubbard.JPG

Is a sweet faced tiny bear only 9" tall made of soft taupe mohair and ultra-suede paw pads, fully jointed, black stitched nose and German glass eyes. She is dressed in apron of vintage fabrics with lace edging and tiny tin spoon in her pocket. An old-fashioned lace trimmed Mob cap captures the look. "Old Mother Hubbard, went to her cupboard to get her poor dog a bone. But when she got there the cupboard was bare , and so the poor dog had none." The old wooden cupboard is part of her purchase with vintage crockery and tin ware and her poor old legless cork dog. - $245

10" Polka Dotty


A chunky little girl of amber mohair. She wears a vintage navy polka dot Dress with bow and star in her hair. - $225

9" Daisy


A hedgehog in bright pink dress with daisy trim and hair bow and holds a very large daisy with pompon center. - $215

8" Sally Ann

Sally Ann.JPG

Mustard Mohair pig wears hair wrap and ruffled collar as she cleans house with her antique metal sweeper. She sits on a metal ladle. - $195

6" Quechua


A tiny owl in mixed mohair. Jointed head. - $55

10" Queen for a Day pin Cushion

Queen for a Day.JPG

Vintage porcelain vase with gold painted trim Is the base for this pristine China head displayed on old embroidered velveteen. She wears beaded bodice, necklace and crown. - $65

6 1/2" Arthur Burrows

Arthur Burrows.JPG

Fully jointed milk chocolate mohair bear is at home in his Vintage silk lined sewing box. He wears a deep brown taffeta jacket with silk collar and bow tie. Vegetable ivory buttons define the jacket. Straw hat can be worn. Best is the original Concert dance card from 1894 with his name in it. Lovely old graphics. - $225

Send in the Clowns

Send in the Clowns.JPG

Puddles and Patches roll into your heart in a wooden circus wagon with metal wheels and pull cord and Felt pennant. 9” Patches the bear and 14” Puddles the giraffe are uniquely polka dotted friends made of mohair and silly smiles, with hat and ruffs. - $355

9" Zerbo


He follows the circus train in droopy drawers and bright jacket with crocheted hat. Chocolate brown mohair and German glass eyes. - $215

10" JJ


A hairy Guinea pig made of string mohair, with glass eyes. He resides in an old shoe box. Jointed head and tiny chenille stem feet. Weighted body. - $195

13" Maizy


A more cooperative cat in honey and gold with green eyes and Ribbon. - $265

12" Tatanka


Quite the buffalo beast in brown alpaca and dense curly dark brown mohair. Sculpted hooves and leather muzzle. - $455

11" Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe.JPG

White mohair bear wears salmon vintage voile dress and matching hat to welcome spring. - $235

11" Cicero


This black mohair pig is wears grey taffeta Pierrot styled costume with black polka dots. He wears a standing ruff of stiff netting and pointy hat. - $235

9" Marshmallow and S'more

Marshmallow and S'More.JPG

Black and white pandas with pink plaid bows. - $220 each

6" Ting Tang

Ting Tang.JPG

Chocolate brown elephant stands atop a decorative pillar and decorated box. Floral details and an old tin tub to hold candy accent him. - $220

15" Comfort Ann

Comfort Ann Taylor.JPG

Vintage plaid school girl dress pairs with old tan leather Mary Janes with black leather details and red shoe buttons. Hunter green cloche is accented with feathers and flowers. - $265

9" Pierre


Spiked hedgehog mohair combines with peach mohair to create this little guy. Vintage beret and coat of old flannel. - $230

11" Two Bits

two Bits.JPG

Another baby sloth. - $230

13" Peaches


Darling little pig with 6 joints as it has a double jointed neck, sculpted hooves and green bow accent.Peach alpaca. - $325

9" Salmon Fisherman

Salmon Fisherman.JPG

Off white mohair bear has black collar with fish scale detail and carries his own fish!. - $195

8" Herkimer


Grey alpaca donkey. Leather collar. - $235