Take a look at some the newest additions available.

Sweet Edward


Is a 22" black mohair rabbit, with brown German glass eyes and wired ears. He wears a Regency styled wool jacket with black embroidery and buttons at waist. Old starched collar is accented with silk ascot and an antique ivory Mercury Head stick pin. He sports an old monocle with ribbon and top hat with rose band. Edward arrives with his presentation pop up Victorian Valentine. - $455

8" Mr Einco

Mr. einco.JPG

Is a googley eyed character dog made of cashmere and mohair. - $225

9" Lovey


Peppermint tipped mohair bear wears lacy slip with red sash and sparkly heart. - $205

13" Rosy


Tweedy taupe mohair bear wears vintage 1930’s pink plaid dress with white collar and Bakelite button. - $230

13" Lord Fezziwig

Mr Fezziwig.JPG

Stone mohair pig wears vintage blue felt jacket , red neck ruff and stove pipe hat of vintage fabrics. - $255

13" Spanky


The stone mohair pig wears vintage blue felt buttoned shorts, polka dot shirt and red collar and hat. - $255

9" Princess P.

Princess  P..JPG

This stone mohair pig wears a sparkly jeweled crown on her old dress. - $215

9" Tulip


A tan mohair bear wears red polka dot apron and red bonnet with a spring tulip. - $215

10" Lovey and Lucky

Lovey and Lucky.JPG

Cream and punch mohair are a bright combination in this little bear.celluloid toy. - $225

9" Reba and Freckles

rebba and freckles.JPG

Tiny hedgehog girl in old outfit with her hedgehog pet. - $230

9" Pierre


Spiked hedgehog mohair combines with peach mohair to create this little guy. Vintage beret and coat of old flannel. - $230

9" Petula


Same fabrics as Pierre but wears brown checkered apron and has an metal old SallyAnn sweeper. - $230

11" Rufus


A baby sloth. - $230

11" Two Bits

two Bits.JPG

Another baby sloth. - $230

16" Charity


Peach mohair bear wears antique cream voile dress with lace bow and velveteen pincushion with fur dog. - $255

11" Hope


Peach sister bear to Charity wears antique silk lace trimmed dress and lace bow. - $230

13" Patience


Is a pale pink bear in lace trimmed vintage dress with old buttons and silk hair bow. - $245

13" Rhinestone Cowboy

Rhinestone Cowboy.JPG

Wears black collar with rhinestones and pendent. Made of grape mohair and inset cream face. - $235

13" Peaches


Darling little pig with 6 joints as it has a double jointed neck, sculpted hooves and green bow accent.Peach alpaca. - $325

10" Blue Moon

Blue Moon.JPG

Made of blue mohair with yellow backing and inset face of yellow alpaca. Polka dot neckerchief and button detail. - $225

9" Salmon Fisherman

Salmon Fisherman.JPG

Off white mohair bear has black collar with fish scale detail and carries his own fish!. - $195

11" Baxter


White mohair pig with red wool top hat and matching heart to give away to his true love. He wears black collar and old brass buttons. - $235

11" Yum Yum

Yum Yum.JPG

Black and cream mohair panda accented with red and cream ruff and bow. - $220

11" Pudge


This little pig is ready for the market in his vintage blue jacket and hat and over sized bow. He’s made of cream mohair with light brown tip. - $235

9" Pearl


This little sister pig to Pudge stayed home in her vintage blue robe with pink trim. Old rose ribbon hair bow and the same mohair as Pudge. - $225

14" Tall Brutus


Black and grey mohair bulldog has sculpted teeth and wears an old red collar and vintage red wool hat. Go Buckeyes!. - $425

13" Mistoffolees The Cat


Is having a crazy hair day. Grey Viscose and alpaca with red ribbon sash. Wired tail. - $265

10" Grace Anne

Grace Anne.JPG

This innocent little girl bear is made of tan mohair and wears a soft yellow dress with tiny black velvet ribbon accent and antique bow in her hair. - $245

9" Quinn


Black and cream panda who only needs buttons as a decoration! - $215

10" Baby Pi

Baby Pi.JPG

Solid black mohair accents the pink and tweed mohair Panda baby. - $230

9" Leporoptodist Bombyx Mori

Leporoptodist .JPG

The silk butterfly, taxidermist style using old silk fabrics. In black case with glass door. - $95

8" Herkimer


Grey alpaca donkey. Leather collar. - $235

11" Honey Bun

Honey Bun.JPG

Honey colored mohair bear with contrasting muzzle and two tone brown stitched nose wears vintage ruffled collar and plaid hair bow. - $220