Take a look at some the newest additions available.

11" Honey Bun

Honey Bun.JPG

Honey colored mohair bear with contrasting muzzle and two tone brown stitched nose wears vintage ruffled collar and plaid hair bow. - $220

11" Humphrey


Turquoise mohair with dark backing teddy bear, has black nose over- stitched with turquoise perle cotton. This little cub wears a black patterned knit vest and bow tie. - $220

11" Yum Yum


Black and cream mohair panda sports red wired ribbon bow and old black and cream plaid celluloid button. - $220

10" Liam


Three different lengths of black mohair makes this Cairn Terrier look true to breed. See his Westie sister Lily Belle. - $325

11" Primrose


Grey mohair pig wears vintage white cotton slip and headband with coral pink floral trim. - $225

8" Funky Chicken

Funky Chicken.JPG

Multi colored mohair chicken is jointed and sports some funky details.Vintage cup. - $125

11" Pom


Grey and pink tipped cream mohair works well together with the added accent of velvet hat and pom pom trim. - $220

11" Henry


Tan and oatmeal mohair bear has freckled face and plaid collar with old celluloid button. - $220

6" Tomasina


This little sweetie with old glass eyes, wears tiny vintage 1920’s dress. - $195

9" Wilbur


Is a black and cream spotted pig on old slatted basket. - $265

10" Peanut


Is a cream elephant atop a vintage peanut tin. He’s adorned with ruff and hat. - $255

10" Lilly Belle

Lilly Belle.JPG

White Westey is made of mohair in 3 different lengths. Fully jointed.Pink collar and silver bell. - $325

9" Honey Pot

Honey Pot.JPG

Is a honey and gold bear in a salt glaze honey bear pot with wooden honey dipper( not pictured). - $220

13" Milo


Peach mohair open mouthed pig with blue check ruff and hat. - $255

10" Tall Nanook


This silly sweet face polar bear cub wears embroidered halter with button trim and dopey tasseled knit hat. - $235

10" Merry


Soft pink alpaca rabbit wears vintage pink patterned dress and flowers in her hair. - $220

10" Hattie


Deep honey mohair bear cub wears vintage red dress with Rick rack trim and heart embellishment with polka dot bow in her hair. - $220

14" Gibby and Scout

Gibby and Scout.JPG

Deep bronze mohair bear with old oil cloth paw pads wears vintage sailor top and hat and holds his furry pup. - $245

9" Hebrides


Sweet hedgehog in vintage flannel jacket. - $225

6" Hannah Rose

Hannah rose.JPG

Is a little fat hedgehog baby in vintage green buggy. - $220

Olivia 14"


This brown eyed girl has a brown stitched nose and is detailed with old sweater and brown taffeta bows. she wears old shoes and sits in a wicker carriage. Pellet filled to be hug able. - $275

Just Jack 7"

Just Jack.JPG

Is a jumping jack mounted on rusty spring, clutching his vintage dog, inside old 45 record box. Inside is pic from a child's book. - $225

13" Leo


Is a tan and brown mohair Lion who says hes king of the jungle and has the medallion to prove it. Wired tail. - $245

5" Bat Time

Bat Time.JPG

Tiny brown bat hangs inside a bright green vintage clock with rusty clock face and trim. - $195

13" Gage


Big furry hound dog with "take me home" eyes. - $325

9" Heidi


As a lover and breeder of Dachshunds, this is the closest I've come, in mohair , to their coat.Fully jointed with a hope you've got a treat look! - $255



10" honey squirrel is made of several lengths of dark honey mohair. One for his body and the other for his bushy tail. He comes in his own acorn basket and wears a velvet collar to keep the cold away. - $225