Take a look at some the newest additions available.

13" A Mothers Love

thumbnail_IMG_9306.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9307.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9309.jpg

I’ve always been intrigued with Mourning. Black silk vintage costume with bustled back, crucifix, lace trimmed purse Mother of Pearl pin, smelling salts and wonderful antique Funeral booklet. - $295

6" Cock on Box


Jointed head and wings, leather headpiece. Chicken wire and wooden box. - $125

12" Gladys and Gabby

thumbnail_IMG_9046.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9047.jpg

Tweedy rust mohair bear is garbed in vintage silk turquoise dress with pink gingham accents. Silly folk art doll. - $265

6" Brownie


Brown and tweedy mohair dog with German glass Googly eyes,and red bow. - $165

9" Opal

thumbnail_IMG_9041.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9042.jpg

Pearly white mohair pig in simple pink sweater trimmed in lace and silk flowers. She wears a tiny pig necklace. - $225

4 1/2" Red Robin

thumbnail_IMG_9037.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9038.jpg

Red coral and yellow mohair bird is jointed at head and wings. She stands on a vintage turquoise tin bathtub and shelters in white wire bird cage trimmed in coral pearls and flowers. - $165

9" Pinkerton


Pink and cream mohair kitty is jointed head only with Green German glass eyes and bright bow. - $125

12" Camilla Rose

thumbnail_IMG_9049.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9050.jpg

Chocolate brown mohair bear is fully jointed and wears a lovely Vintage costume reminiscent of 1960’s movies. Full lace trimmed petticoat underneath. Straw hat and patten leather purse. - $265

10" Sugar Plum

thumbnail_IMG_9053.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9054.jpg

Grey Ellie wears lavender tulle dress with silver and Pearl accents. - $195

5" Annamieke

thumbnail_IMG_9304.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9305.jpg

Tiny mohair rabbit rides in vintage wooden shoe. Mohair and wool body, antique pink eyes. Polka dot hat with ruffled rim. Wooden eggs and grass. - $165

6" Forget Me Not

thumbnail_IMG_8730.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8731.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8732.jpg

Tiny pink bear wears vintage dress and petticoat , tiny straw hat , thimble purse and flower trimmed box. - $175

4" Orphan

thumbnail_IMG_8733.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8734.jpg

My tiniest owl yet with jointed head and sculpted beak in two shades of tan mohair. He has been caged in a crusty made wire and bark cage. - $85

11" Brown Eyed Girl


One of my favorite vintage dresses with matching hat needed just the right bear to bedeck. Here she is. Made of brown mohair accented with magnificent 14mm brown Googlie eyes. A little lace , flower accent and tiny mirror completes the look!. - $245

5" Fruit Bat Dandy

thumbnail_IMG_7893.jpg thumbnail_IMG_7870.jpg

Brown mohair bat has a steam punk flavor in metal cage , corseted wings and fangs. - $155